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Trump is full of himself, not real solutions

Kelsi Gately

http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=viagra-in-usa Staff Writer

Republican candidate, Donald Trump speaks to thousands at the Pensacola Bay Center. http://agustinmgomez.com/?x=how-safe-is-viagra-from-canada Photo by Kelsi Gately.


I am by no means a supporter of Donald Trump, one of the 11 main candidates campaigning to …

UWF social work and service learning in Guatemala: A student’s perspective


Photo by click here Kenneth King.

http://it-farmacia.com/informazioni-su-viagra.html Kenneth King

Contributing Writer

When riding through the streets of Guatemala City, one cannot sit still. It is impossible. The roads are an endless path of cracks and potholes. You shift right, left, and then …

What defunding Planned Parenthood would actually mean financially

http://theacademyolp.org/?search=generic-drugs-for-viagra&9aa=40 Josh Hart

Staff Writer

House conservatives have spent the last three months weighing the option of whether or not to defund Planned Parenthood. This is puerile and ignorant and a perfect representation of the religious right’s newly open detestation …

Climate change and denial

http://growingsolutions.com/?search=natural-drugs-similar-to-viagra&7af=d0 Tristan Lawson

Staff Writer

Last week, President Barack Obama, as well as many other world leaders, met in Paris for a conference on climate change. Meanwhile, here in the United States, Republican candidates for president, pundits on conservative news media …

Islamophobia slams the door on Syrian refugees

get link 090210Cassie Rhame

Staff Writer

With the recent Paris attacks still fresh, our country’s Islamophobia fever has spiked even higher, creating overwhelming support for a recently introduced bill that would “temporarily” shut the doors on Syrian refugees into the United States.…

Local Mexican restaurants offer authentic cuisine

free viagra in canada pharmacy Tom Moore

Contributing Writer

drug safety officer pfizer viagra Rio Bravo, Cordova Mall

We all need that extra splash of spice added to our life. Whether it be a business, casual, or family meal, Rio Bravo is the place …

Free speech, protest movements and your ‘Friends’ list

http://buzzedition.net/?search=viagra-pills-canadian-pharmacy-online&9cb=ca Tristan Lawson

Staff Writer

Campus protests, marches and acts of civil disobedience like the ones happening now at universities and colleges across the country have not been seen since the 60s. A lot of things have changed since then, while …

Politicians’ manipulation of our emotions is nothing less than criminal


Bernie Sanders (left), Hillary Clinton (center) and Martin O’Malley (right) at the Nov. 15 Democratic primary debate.
Photo courtesy of pfizer viagra 50mg cnn.com.

drug interactions--coumadin and viagra Josh Hart

Staff Writer

During the Nov. 15 Democratic presidential debate, noted talk-show dance-off champion and occasionally effective …

Driving in Pensacola is an exercise in frustration – with a few exceptions

generic viagra drugs commonly abused Tom Moore

Contributing Writer

I have lived here in Florida all my life. I took the huge leap when I left home to move from Allentown, near Milton, to Pensacola. Since it was nearly an hour commute one way, I …

“Fallout 4” first impression: Newest in game series gives players more control

new drug like clomid ovulation Wade Manns

Opinions Editor

“War… war never changes.” Those are the first words we hear out of every installment in the “Fallout” videogame series. And when we hear them, we know we are in for a wonderful story, a tale …