5 upcoming horror movies to look out for

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Over the past couple of years, the horror movie genre has stepped up its storytelling production. From the hit 2017 remake of Stephen King’s “It” to the 2018 “Halloween” sequel, the genre has amped …


Food Review: Pensacola Live! Juice Bar impresses customers with variety of options

here by Zora Davis, Staff Writer

Live! Juice Bar is a new healthy restaurant for Pensacola locals to enjoy and to have a good time.

Live! Juice Bar has been open since last summer, and the business is growing each …


Movie review: ‘What Men Want’ falls short in answering its own question

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“What Men Want” debuted in theaters on Feb. 8 and has managed to bring in $60.1 million in the box office.

Overall the movie was standard comedy with its highs, lows and ultimately a …


Spring Break tips, tricks and things to do around Pensacola

side effects from accutane by Hannah Guice, Staff Writer

Now that Spring Break is finally upon us, I’ve compiled a list of local sites to explore and events to attend, as well as a handful of travel tips for those on a budget.…


Black History Month: My perspective

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Black History Month is a time to celebrate the history and accomplishments of many African-Americans, a time to acknowledge our ancestors who paved the way for future generations to follow their dreams despite their …


Food Review: ‘Who Cut the Grilled Cheese’ may not look like much, but it has perfect ratings on Yelp

enter site by Zora Davis, Staff Writer

If you’re looking for comfort food, Who Cut the Grilled Cheese and Cake is the food truck for you.

Who Cut The Grilled Cheese opened up in 2018, offering grilled cheese sandwiches (obviously), desserts …


‘Pensacontroversy’: harassment, free speech, bomb threats cast shadows over Pensacon 2019

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=generic-viagra-no-online-prescription by Wendell Slater, Staff Writer

What could have been a peaceful week of convention and appreciation of creative work has turned into a week of fandom pandemonium over controversy surrounding Pensacon 2019. Now, it’s easy for me to start …


Food Review: Get lost with Lost Pizza Co.

viagra generico 200 mg italia pagamento online a Bologna by Zora Davis, Staff Writer

Lost Pizza Co. is the newest pizza place on the block for all Pensacola residents to try.

They’re known for having the best pizza in Mississippi, and now they will be taking over Pensacola …


Black History Month: Mini playlist of new black female musicians

cialis delivery by Sean Minton, Staff Writer

February is Black History Month. It’s a month to celebrate the educational, artistic and historical excellence of black men and women and their major impact on society. Black people have created a lot of …


Tuition terror: Why is college so expensive for out-of-state students?

see url by Cailee Heinemann, Staff Writer

Searching for college is one of the most stressful situations any high-schooler will face during their senior year. But the thought of being away from home with no rules and cool parties makes the out-of-state …