Boujee on a Budget

Popular clothing and apparel stores that offer student discounts


Nicole Willis, Staff Writer

For what is likely my final article detailing student discounts, I have created a guide to help the broke college student navigate the world of retail while on a student budget. Many popular clothing and apparel stores offer substantial student discounts that we can all be taking advantage of. From Nike and Adidas to American Eagle and Levi’s, almost every retail store offers students some sort of deal. Your favorite clothing store may offer a student discount that you do not even know about.

Activewear and Shoes

If you are late to the “Croc-craze,” now is your time to hop on board for cheap. Crocs offers students 25% off their order via Student Beans. You can also purchase Crocs at Zappos, which is an online company that sells basically any type of shoes you could need. From Dr. Martens and Birkenstock to Crocs and Chaco, Zappos carries a wide variety of brands. The company offers students 10% off of their order. This discount is great, considering Zappos already offers fast and free shipping, as well as free returns.

Activewear can be quite expensive, so thankfully, there are several activewear brands that offer student discounts. AYBL and Bo+Tee are both women’s activewear brands that specialize in cute and trendy workout sets. Both companies currently offer students 20% off their order through Student Beans. Well-known activewear brands also have student discounts up for grabs. Nike offers students 10% off their purchase, New Balance offers students 15% off their order and free shipping and Under Armour offers students 20% off their order. Converse and Champion also both offer students 10% off their orders. Currently, one of the best student discounts for activewear is at Adidas. Through the end of October, Adidas is offering students 30% off their order.

If you are looking to buy a pricy pair of shoes, check out Foot Locker for athletic styles and Journeys for more casual styles. Foot Locker is offering 20% off of orders over $99, and Journeys is giving students $20 off their purchase of $100 or more. Finish Line is also offering students $10 off their purchase of $100 or more, but the Foot Locker discount is a more cost-effective deal out of the two. Since these two stores off many of the same brands, check Foot Locker first for a potentially larger discount on athletic shoes or apparel.

Clothing and Accessories

There are a plethora of fashion-focused stores that offer student discounts. Many of these stores you are likely already shopping at. PacSun, ASOS, Calvin Klein and Urban Outfitters all offer students a modest 10% off of their orders. While 10% off might not seem like a large discount, it can often save you enough to cover shipping. Mall staple stores like H&M, Cotton On and Aeropostale all offer students 15% off their online orders.

Other popular mall stores, Forever 21, American Eagle and American Eagle’s intimate apparel sub-brand, Aerie, offer students 20% off their orders. Apart from receiving a student discount, online shopping at these stores is a great option because many of these stores allow you to return your online purchases in store. For example, if you order something from H&M and it does not fit quite right, you can run down to the Cordova Mall H&M location and return it.

The ever-popular denim company, Levi’s, always offers students a 15% discount. However, the deal has been sweetened recently. Now through October 10, students can receive 30% off of their order and an extra 15% off. Since Levi’s jeans can be quite expensive, this is a significant deal. If you are a Levi’s lover, take advantage of this deal asap. However, if you are reading this after the tenth, do not fret, you can still redeem the 15% discount.

One important thing to keep in mind is that student discounts are typically only offered online. Though many of the stores mentioned can be found locally inside the Cordova Mall or around Pensacola, most of these stores only accept student discounts on online purchases. However, there is no shame in double-checking at the register to verify the store’s current policy. If you want to save even more, be sure to check out my other student savings articles that explain how you can enjoy food and entertainment without breaking the bank.

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