Have Fun on Low Funds: The Best Student Entertainment Discounts


Nicole Willis, Staff Writer

Let’s be honest, the “broke college kid” stereotype has reached an all-time low; money is tight for everyone right now. However, just because you’re running low on funds doesn’t mean you have to say “no” to fun. To have fun on a budget, consider taking advantage of these great student discounts offered by entertainment services.


Spotify is saving us students with the deal of a lifetime— Spotify, Hulu, and SHOWTIME, all for the low price of $4.99. Wait, the deal gets better… students also receive a one-month free trial before the paid subscription starts. Spotify Premium Student allows college students to stream music, podcasts, movies, and shows with the same subscription. On Spotify, students can stream ad-free music on-demand, stream and download music and podcasts, and create playlists. Hulu and SHOWTIME offer hours of entertaining shows and movies, including originals. With this bundled deal, you’ll never be bored!

If purchased separately, a month of all three streaming services would add up to $27.97. Spotify Premium Student provides a major savings of nearly $23 a month. To get this incredible student discount, click here.


If you want access to Hulu but don’t want Spotify or SHOWTIME, there is still an option for you! The regular monthly price for a Hulu subscription is $6.99 a month, but students can purchase a Hulu subscription for $1.99 a month. $1.99 a month is a steal for the amount of content that Hulu has to offer. Hulu features a diverse catalog of content to pick from. Subscribers can enjoy old favorites like The Simpsons and Frasier, or discover Hulu-exclusive shows such as The Handmaid’s Tale and American Horror Story. You can purchase a Hulu student subscription here


Sick of the pesky ads on YouTube videos? YouTube Premium may be for you! YouTube Premium allows subscribers to access both YouTube and YouTube Music, ad-free. College students can purchase a YouTube Premium student subscription to gain access to content on both YouTube and YouTube Music without ads and Wi-Fi (so when the campus internet goes out, you’re covered)! YouTube Premium can be accessed on computers, mobile devices, and select televisions. YouTube Premium’s student subscription includes a one-month free trial and then costs $6.99 a month after the trial is over. A standard, nonstudent subscription costs $11.99 a month. To sign up for YouTube Premium, click here.

If you like YouTube Music but do not want the other perks of YouTube Premium, you can also purchase a student discount to YouTube Music alone. YouTube Music’s student subscription includes a one-month free trial and then costs $4.99 a month after the trial is over. The standard, nonstudent price for a YouTube Music subscription is $9.99 a month. To sign up for YouTube Music’s student subscription, click here.

Amazon Prime Student

Amazon Prime Student offers many options for entertainment and way more. In the realm of entertainment, an Amazon Prime Student subscription gives students access to content on Prime Music, Prime Video, and Prime Reading. College students can enjoy all the many perks of Prime Student for just $7.49 a month, as well as a six-month free trial. The standard price per month for a nonstudent Prime account is $14.99, so there are significant savings here! Some of the other non-entertainment benefits of Prime Student membership include fast and free Prime delivery and extended free trials of Grubhub+ and LinkedIn Premium. To view more included services, or to sign up for an Amazon Prime Student account, click here.

Apple Music

Apple Music is not just another music streaming service; Apple Music offers college students music and more with their student subscription option. For $5.99 a month, students can access Apple Music’s catalog of over 90 million songs. Subscribers can also listen to various radio stations from all over the world, including Apple’s own Apple Music 1 radio station. The deal doesn’t stop there; for a limited time, Apple Music is offering its student subscribers free access to Apple TV+, which features Apple original shows and films. $5.99 a month is an excellent price, as the regular monthly subscription cost is $9.99 a month. Follow the steps to purchase an Apple Music student subscription here.


Disney+ is a streaming service that provides a great variety of entertainment, featuring movies from our childhood and from last year alike. Disney+ offers college students a discount off their 12-month membership. A year-long nonstudent membership to Disney+ is $79.99. College students can receive 15% off a 12-month Disney+ membership, making the service $67.99. Disney+ members have access to movies from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and more. A Disney+ membership is a great option for somebody who wants to rewatch their childhood favorites or discover newer Disney content.

The most important thing to note about the Disney+ student discount is that it is not available on disneyplus.com, but rather specific student discount services. You can get a Disney+ student discount through Student Beans or UNiDAYS, which are free-to-use websites and apps that compile thousands of student discounts all in one place. Once you make an account with either of these platforms, search “Disney+” and select the 15% off offer.

*Prices listed do not account for taxes or other applicable fees