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Trump stumps for votes in Pensacola

see http://agustinmgomez.com/?x=natral-viagra By Kenny Detwyler

go here Contributing Writer

go here In the closing week of the 2016 Presidential elections, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump returned to Pensacola for a third time. At the Nov. 2 rally, Trump made one of his final pitches to his …

Confirmed, Trump to return to Pensacola

viagra london drugs bc generic soft viagra uk By Cassie Rhame

http://buy-generic-clomid.com/ News Editor

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is set to return to the Pensacola Bay Center for a campaign stop at 7 p.m. on Sept. 9.

Trump sold out the stadium just eight months ago, leaving for …

The nitty-gritty: Who thinks what and everything else you need to know before the Florida primaries

By Mackenzie Kees
go site Opinions Editor

The 2016 race for the presidency is well under way in the United States, and so far it has been wrought with mudslinging, half-truths and outright lies, and even has devolved further into thinly-veiled allegations …

Trump is full of himself, not real solutions

Kelsi Gately

http://awakeninginlove.com/?x=viagra-drugs-in-nigeria-things Staff Writer

Republican candidate, Donald Trump speaks to thousands at the Pensacola Bay Center. http://mustadam.co/?x=movie-viagra-drug-representative Photo by Kelsi Gately.


I am by no means a supporter of Donald Trump, one of the 11 main candidates campaigning to …