Registration for Homecoming’s Golden Fleece Challenge is now open


Darby Drapeau, Staff Writer

Every fall semester we designate an entire week of our busy schedule to celebrate being an Argo. Homecoming has always provided our student body with good times and memories through traditional events like Cannon Fest, the Golden Fleece Challenge, and Colchis. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the Homecoming Executive Board had no choice but to abide by campus safety rules and put together UWF’s very first virtual homecoming this past fall.

“Homecoming: Round One” gave us the opportunity to show our spirit and celebrate being an Argo from the safety of our own homes. UWF was grateful to have the familiarity of a traditional homecoming fostered through the fall’s virtual events. However, we all silently watched, with fingers crossed, hoping that “round one” would be followed by a round two this spring; thankfully the Homecoming Executive Board has delivered!

On March 15th-20th, Homecoming’s Argo Fest will be the first in-person event hosted in the past year. Students who have had the chance to experience homecomings in the past will still be able to reminisce through classic events like the Golden Fleece Challenge. Whereas the new events will give every student the chance to create fresh memories that will hopefully remind them of the good things to have happened in such a rough year. 

Although Argo Fest will not launch for another two weeks team registration for The Golden Fleece Challenge has officially opened!

 The Golden Fleece Challenge is a weeklong scavenger hunt. The Homecoming Executive Board will be dropping clues and riddles regarding the hunt on their social media platforms throughout Argo Fest. The Golden Fleece Challenge teams will complete each hunt in return for points and prizes. At the end of Argo Fest all the points will be added up and the best competing team will win the golden fleece!

Every student is encouraged to register a team and join the fun of competing against others for prizes and Homecoming merchandise! Teams of all sizes are welcome whether you belong to a student organization, specific department, or if you and your best friend want to take on the adventure just the two of you.

To register for The Golden Fleece Challenge, you can visit UWF Homecoming’s Instagram and follow the link in their bio or search “golden fleece” under the forms tab on ArgoPulse.

The Homecoming Executive Board has worked hard on putting together Argo Fest and they are excited to share the rest of the new events with us soon. Keep checking back for a rundown on Argo Fest closer to March 15th

Register for The Golden Fleece Challenge and get ready to show some spirit Argos!