Seeing Past the Stereotype


Abigail Denney, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard someone say to a girl, “Oh, you’re in a sorority? You don’t seem like the type.” This raises the question, what even is the type?

Everyone is aware of the negative stigma that comes along with being in a Greek organization, which stems from unrealistic movies and generalizations. Stereotypes like sorority girls not being intelligent, or if you’re in a fraternity you’re a party animal that can’t be trusted in a relationship. 

Being a part of a Greek organization is more than the drama and the next frat party. It brings opportunities, adventures, and new people to your life. 

Sororities were always neutral in my eyes. Meaning, I did not dislike the concept of a sorority but I never dreamed of being a part of one. Going through recruitment put all of my friends in shock.

Some specific intentions going into the recruitment process were to push myself out of my comfort zone and overcome my crippling social anxiety. I achieved all of those goals and gained so much more out of my experience.

“I joined Alpha Chi for the friendships, but I stayed for the personal growth,” Angela Smith, former Chapter President said. 

Rushing Alpha Chi in the fall of 2019, started the next chapter of my life. I remember feeling way over my head because I went from no socializing to having social events two to three times a week.

Current Chapter President Kaitlin Jones said, “I originally joined Alpha Chi because I found a group of women that I wanted to be like. I was inspired by their accomplishments and loved how they pushed each other to succeed.”

When I transferred to UWF, I did not have ANY confidence. There was always this fear of talking to new people because I truly did not know myself like I thought I did. Joining a sorority helped me overcome the fear of communicating with people and became the safe haven I needed to find myself. 

In high school, I got so caught up in what people thought of me. I forgot to prioritize what I thought of myself and who I wanted to be. When I joined AXO, I didn’t have my high school reputation to hold me back. I met 86 girls that knew nothing about me and didn’t place next to impossible expectations that I had to meet. That alone was a relieving feeling that allowed me to start over and really be the person I wanted to be. 

 “I have changed in more ways than I could have imagined because of this organization and wouldn’t trade it for anything,” Kaitlin Jones said. 

Everyone’s experience is different when it comes to Greek life. It can be amazing or awful for many different reasons but speaking from my own experience, it has put a positive impact on my life. 

Kaitlin Jones describes how being in Alpha Chi Omega had a positive impact on her life. “I have found my future bridesmaids and also gained leadership opportunities,” Jones said.

Within the first semester at UWF and being in Alpha Chi, my opinions, thoughts, interests, and perspective on everything completely changed. I made lifelong friends in Alpha Chi that really encouraged me to grow as a person and instilled confidence in me. They inspire me to do better and chase after my dreams as they have. They have taught me how to be a more kind, understanding, and genuine person by how they live their life. 

“In Alpha Chi, I had role models and then became a role model. I was inspired to be a real strong woman, and then inspired others to do the same,” Smith said. 

Having the opportunity to meet new people that shape your perspective is incredibly rewarding. Having the pleasure of getting a little this past semester is exciting. The responsibility of being a big is to guide her through the college and sorority experience. The funny thing is, I think I’ve learned more from her than she has from me. When people and relationships come around like that, it makes all the difference and has motivated me to be a better person. 

New passions of mine flourished through Alpha Chi’s philanthropy, Domestic Violence Awareness. As a chapter, we learn so much about what all entails with domestic violence and we partner with our local Favor House to help raise money and spread awareness. When we come together as a chapter to help a cause that’s much bigger than all of us it truly is a surreal feeling. 

Joining a sorority will also teach you how to work with different perspectives and personalities that continue to shape your thoughts and opinions. It will give you the tools and techniques to enter the real world more confidently.

Have you ever heard the quote, “you only get out what you put in?” That’s the perfect motto for joining a sorority. If you are even in the slightest bit interested in joining a sorority, you should go for it because it could open your eyes to a whole new world. 

In May I will be a UWF and Alpha Chi Omega alum and as I reminisce on the past two years here, I am filled with joy and gratitude. I’m forever indebted to the fond memories I’ve made that I will hold onto endlessly. Joining Alpha Chi was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 

Looking back at the girl who signed up for recruitment a week before it started, there is an admiration of resilience and a need for growth.  Now I look at how far she’s come since then and am proud of the person who she became through it all.