Gabe Rosenblatt, Writer

The UWF Argos started out with a rough first game in their series against Delta State University, (DSU). Out of the three games, the first one had innings one through three show DSU gaining ground against the Argos.

A break came for the Argos in the 6th inning when Bryant Harris singled and let Jack Shad score, bringing the board up from to 2-5.

The next major play came just moments later when True Fontenot hit a home run with Bryant and Sam Harris already on the bases. This play left them on even ground against DSU, with the score set at 5-5.

The Argos needed a good defense to finish things off towards the end. Unfortunately, in the eighth inning, Kade Dees of DSU singled through the left side, which allowed Kirkland Trahan to put one more point on the board for Delta State, leaving the final score at 6-5.

The second game in the series took place directly after the first and immediately saw Kade Dees of DSU score an unearned run in the second inning. Moving forward, the game was touch and go for both teams as they struggled to match paces.

During the seventh inning, Justin Dunnam singled to center field, advanced to second on a fielding error. Dylan Menhennett then advanced to third, scored on a throwing error. Cullan O’Shea then gained an unearned score with Matthew Estrada following soon after. This was a massive inning for the Argos as it brought the score up to 5-2.

DSU was able to put up two more scores in the eighth inning but by now the Argos were determined to stay ahead, keeping the score at 7-4. In the 9th inning, Delta State saw Patrick Hodges single up middle, allowing Blayke Dendy to score a final point for them, leaving the total at 7-5 with the Argos winning.

The last game in the series started off on Monday at 1pm. In the first inning, the Argos started out on the right foot with Dylan Menhennett singling up the middle, and True Fontenot gaining an unearned score.

Both teams knew the importance of this game, the final of the three. It was neck and neck the whole time. Second Inning, 1-1. third inning, 2-2. fourth inning, 3-3. And it continued like this until the eighth inning, 4-4.

The true breakout plays which propelled the Argos forward in their lead came during the tenth inning. O’Shea doubled, leading Estrada to score. Justin Dunnam then singled and allowed for O’Shea to score. And finally, Hancock doubled to left center, leading Dunnam to score as well.

With the score now set at 7-4 with the Argos leading, they were determined to hold their defense, and DSU wasn’t leaving without a fight. DSU were able to place two additional points for their team in the end of the 10th inning, with Kirkland Trahan and Patrick Hodges scoring. But it ultimately wasn’t enough to overcome the Argo’s lead.

The Argos will play again this Friday evening in Huntsville, Ala.