Argonauts win 8-2 with stellar lineup


Gabe Rosenblatt, Writer

The UWF Argonauts had a game-defining 3rd inning on Saturday against the UWA Tigers.

The Argonauts were able to ultimately take home a win thanks to a few plays which lined up in their favor.

When the game was at 1-0 with UWA leading, the Argonauts took to the field. First up batting was Miller Hancock who doubled to center field, eventually making it home and bringing the score to 1-1.

The next play came when Cullan O’Shea tripled to right center, leading Matt Estrada, Dylan Menhennet, and True Fontenot to score. O’Shea himself scored soon after, leaving the board at 5-1.

With the triple plus one secured, the Argonauts had pulled ahead. But they weren’t done yet. Jack Copley singled to left field, Jack Schad then singled through the right side, allowing Copley to advance to second. Hancock was next, doubling to right center, leading to a double run for Schad and Copley, this put the score at 7-1.

The Tigers put up an additional point in the 5th inning but were unable to break through the Argonaught’s defense for the rest of the game.

In the 7th inning, Estrada scored what would be the final point for the match, leaving the score at 8-2.

The Argonaut’s defenses held through the 8th and 9th innings, leaving them with a win and keeping the final score at 8-2.

“Certainly good to get a W opening night here,” said Coach Mike Jeffcoat following the game. “We like to be a little more consistent trying to spread some runs out. But hey, we’ll take the big inning. You know it’s early, we got a lot of improvement to do but, very happy with the team and the energy and we gotta come back out and try to finish this series up tomorrow.

The Argonauts take on the Tigers again this Sunday, Feb. 7th at the Jim Spooner Field.