Argos are making connections through Argopalooza


Bethany Roberts, Staff Writer

According to UWF’S Student Activities Coordinator, Amos Davidson Jr., the best way to find your community is to explore the variety of organizations on campus and meet the members. Argopalooza allows students to do just that!

Argopalooza is a semiannual event that hosted between 60 and 80 different organizations this semester. It began in 2012 as a merger of Fall Frenzy and Late Night at the Rec. Since there are over 100 different organizations on campus, Argopalooza makes it much easier to find where you belong. 

Davidson says his favorite part of Argopalooza is watching students start to get involved on campus. He says that Argopalooza allows students to see the diversity of UWF organizations that are helping to create a sense of community.

Davidson loves when he hears about a student finding their place at the university, and he believes that this event helps to do just that.

Normally, Argopalooza is a huge event that is hosted in the UWF Field House. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, the event was all virtual. However, Davidson did his best to still make it fun, and I would say he succeeded!

Nowadays virtual means Zoom or WebEx- not the most enticing of ways to spend your evening. Davidson found a way around that: Wonder. This virtual platform allowed students to create their own avatar and wander around to virtual tables to learn more about clubs, jobs, memberships, and more!

There are nine different categories of organizations for Argopalooza: Advocacy or Service, Cultural or Identity Based, Departmental Student Organization, Honor, Professional or Academic, Recognized Fraternity or Sorority, Special Interest Organizations, Sports Club, and University Department. Each of the university clubs/organizations fall under one of these.

The categories allow students to find different clubs easily. Instead of going to each and every table, you can beeline for the ones that fall under the category you are most interested in.

I know that Argopalooza made a big impact on me when I was a freshman, and I encourage everyone to partake in the event at least once during their time at UWF! Get involved, get connected, and have fun!

If you weren’t able to make it this semester, be sure to check it out in the Fall! Argopalooza happens within the first two weeks of classes. There are often over 100 organizations waiting to meet you and invite you into the university’s community with open arms!