Alex McKinnie: Mr. Impossible

Arie Pettway, Writer

Coming in as a transfer student Alex McKinnie had no idea what his college experience would entail for him. While being tied down with the stress of adapting to a new school environment, Alex expressed to me how his biggest struggle starting out for him was trying to find time for self care.

“Starting out, things seemed harder than they should have,” McKinnie said.  “However, as I learned more and more about myself I learned how to balance my school, work, and personal life.”

Throughout his college life Alex has served as a new former president of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated for 2 years.

“I didn’t hold back,” McKinnie said.  “Whatever I did I put my best foot forward and made the best of every situation possible no matter the circumstances.”

He was involved in a vast amount of activities throughout his college career such as working in housing and residence life to serving on multiple executive boards throughout campus organizations.

Alex has won the Kenneth L. Curtis award, the Legacy award, and he was granted with being listed within the student involvement hall of fame.

“The awards were important to me because it showed what type of person I could become if I just took a chance,” McKinnie said.

These awards meant a lot to Alex to have receive, after all the adversity that he has faced he was still able to make an impact within his career, his peers lives, as well as the University.

To this day, Alex is currently serving as an active member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Inc. within the Alumni chapter.

“I was able to gradually work my way up into positions to better myself as an individual and a student leader,” McKinnie said.

With his frat brothers working along his side, together they have conducted many different community service projects within the Pensacola area, and is currently making a huge impact by helping the victims of Hurricane Sally to recover from the damage that has been done. He truly is Mr. Impossible.