Counseling services offer teletherapy to students

Virginia Morrison, Staff Writer

Counseling and Psychological Services offers a plethora of ways for students to improve their mental health with just a few clicks. Basham and many others make up a team of licensed mental health counselors that are here to help the students of the University of West Florida. 

“Try to get out, even if you just go sit on your back porch or whatever you have. Just don’t sit in the house watching TV constantly,” Pamela M. Basham, M.A., LMHC II said. “Taking frequent breaks throughout the day I find, is very helpful.” 

No face-to-face services will occur during the Fall 2020 semester. However, many services are offered remotely including individual teletherapy, couple’s teletherapy, group teletherapy, psychiatric telehealth services, Let’s Talk telephone consultation, telephone crisis counseling (850-474-2420, dial 6), online mental health and substance use screenings, Therapy Assistance Online self-help modules, Togetherall Peer-to-Peer Support program, COVID-19 Isolation & Quarantine Peer Support Space, and virtual workshops.

There is no limit on group therapy services, consultation, psychiatric or crisis services.

It is said that people should do at least one thing every day for their mental wellbeing. Here are some of CAPS staff’s favorite things to do to promote mental wellness: gratitude journaling, running, reading for pleasure, listening to music, taking a walk, kayaking, eating regularly, getting adequate sleep, maintaining boundaries, and deep breathing. 

Practice self-compassion and remind yourself that your emotions are valid” is just one piece of advice that Dr. April Glenn, Ed.D., LMHC, recommends. 

Another tip from Dr. Glenn is, “Stay connected to your social support system through phone calls, video chat, text, or other means,”. 

Counseling and Psychological Services offers various teletherapy groups like All Gender Understanding Self and Others; In, Out and In-Between LGBTQ+ supportive therapy group; Students of Color Understanding Self, and many more. 

“Try meditation for stress management. CAPS offers a weekly guided Meditation Meet-Up through Facebook Live on Tuesdays from 12:15-12:45. Consider making use of some of the mental health resources offered by CAPS,” said Dr. Glenn. 

In addition to these tips, a variety of other self-help resources are available at 

Counseling and Psychological Services also has an active social media presence through Facebook @uwfcaps and Instagram @uwfcounseling. Their social media accounts offer mental health related tips and advertise upcoming events. 

Students are eligible for up to 12 individual therapy sessions per academic year and may use up to eight of those sessions in a single semester. To make an appointment for teletherapy, call 850.474.2420. Students that are not residing in the state of Florida can call for a telephone consultation, and the staff can connect them with referrals if needed.