Dancing Thoughts on the Shoreline

“Understanding what breaks, drives, or renews you is what changes perspective, and like the seasons, changes your landscape.”

Lilly Paradise , Editor

    Recently, I have been fascinated with the world surrounding me. In times of confusion, I stumble across the crystal beaches, admiring the pink skies that lay like pictures on the wall.  His green eyes looked right through me. “Would you stay if you took a glimpse,” I pondered.

     These past three years have led me here. When I’m in the sand, nothing but fresh air can touch me. The wind in my hair whispers words from heaven. Although right now, heaven is in a bottle floating to undiscovered shores.

     An angel cut off her wings. She carried the cross too far and knew it was time to stop. In time, I’ll become stronger, but for now, I can embark on this midnight train without a halo.  Sometimes in life, we have to detach the parts of ourselves that once were golden. Nothing gold can stay, and I knew this was my moment to breakaway.

     Old haunts could no longer touch me. People did not frown upon you if you were changing. And love was the driving force of all endeavors. No more mind tricks, thrown away love letters, or self-induced negativity.

     One November day-lit afternoon, I stumbled across an old love. It wasn’t in the arms of somebody grand. It was just me in the sand. Isn’t it lovely here? In the tie-dye skies without a distraction in sight. White sunshine glowed like fairy dust. Sea mist flushed my cheeks as goosebumps covered my skin. “Peace is here, I cannot leave,” I whispered to myself.

     I breathed in the air and graciously appreciated the love we grew. Two people became intertwined and promised to love each other forever. I was never good at making promises, but faith was in your reflection.

     Closing my eyes, I traveled to a world where I was free from my fears. Free from every insecurity I borrowed inside myself. I connected with nature and blossomed into a daisy. I became apart of the earth and watched the sunset every night. The sun delicately paints a picture with clouds surrounding it, reflecting real captivating beauty.

     Beauty is in whatever makes you happy. Nature brings me back to my present self and allows me to understand the roots of my body. Understanding what breaks, drives, or renews you is what changes perspective, and like the seasons, changes your landscape.

     Poems race through my mind as I try to explain this feeling. It’s almost like a newfound hope for my ability in healing. What nature insists is what humans resist. I’m not going to fight the storm anymore. Instead, the rain will cleanse me of worry, and a new day will break. And that’s where I’ll be, beside the emerald waves where thoughts become dancers on the shoreline.