Pensacola Friday Night Happy Hour


Tova Thomas, Staff Writer

The spring leaves and flowers are finally coming in, and the tch for everyone to get out the house and enjoy the spring breeze is on the roll. There is something about being on the outdoors during the spring time. Besides fighting with pollen, you want to finally enjoy the new beginning of a new season. Friday nights in downtown are under way with “Pensacola Happy Hour,” which will provide live bands, DJs comedians and more! The event is free to the public, and attendees can bring their own lawn chairs and coolers to have a great time. 

Pensacola Happy Hour kicks off April 7, from 5-9 p.m., at Museum Plaza in downtown Pensacola. Vendor space and VIP tents are available to setup for business exposure. The event, which will take place every Friday, is hosted by “Together We Weather Incorporated,” which hosts and helps with numerous community events. One of the organizers, Willo Albritton, stated that he wanted to “help bring the community together with this event and have families come out to enjoy themselves with one another.”

Pensacola is known greatly for just being a retirement city, but thanks to Mr. Albritton and Mayor DC Reeves, who have listened to the city’s younger residents, Pensacola is bringing more excitement and growth to the community for the young residents to enjoy.