Argos Advance Past First Round, Redeem Last Season’s End


Edward Bunch III, Staff Writer

The UWF football team defeated their first round matchup, Limestone University, on Nov. 19 with the final score being 45 points to 19 points. JUCO Transfer and UWF’s starting quarterback Peewee Jarrett dominated in his first Division II playoff appearance with four touchdowns.

Argos senior receiver David Durden and junior running back Raveion Hargrove finished with a touchdown each. Juniors C.J. Wilson and Shomari Mason also contributed big through their rushing, finishing with 66 and 41 yards in the game respectively.

The atmosphere at Penn Air Field was tense, frigid and crisp; a typically difficult environment for a road team to walk into, let alone for a playoff game. However, both the Limestone Saints and their section of fans brought a level of energy in the 55-degree weather that helped open the game competitively.

After a 19-yard run from Jarrett late in the first quarter, the Argos were the first to score. In the second quarter, UWF kicker Griffin Cera scored a field goal, and Jarrett added another run touchdown. The Argos then completed a punt return through senior DeMareyae Givens’ effort to end the first half winning 24 points to 6 points.

Midway through the second quarter, Saints tight end Herman McCray caught a 16-yard pass for a touchdown for the team’s lone points in the first half. The Saints then failed to convert the field goal, but didn’t allow their spirits to be hampered going down into the second half losing.

Hargrove opened up the second half for the Argos with a 3-yard touchdown run, piling on doubt for the Saints’ hopes to advance as the score climbed to a 25 point differential.

Sophomore running back Tre Stewart completed a 3-yard touchdown run late in the third quarter for the Saints, then followed by a fumble return by freshman linebacker Luke Janack at the end of the quarter.

Although the Argos were still winning 31 points to 19 points entering the fourth quarter, momentum was sitting in the Saints’ court with consecutive scoring plays.

UWF put an end to this momentum quickly following a 33-yard touchdown reception by Durden in the early minutes of the final quarter. Jarrett then sealed the win with a 5-yard touchdown run. The Argos quarterback gained 62 yards on 16 runs.

No. 3 ranked UWF now advances to the next round, with their opponent TBD at the time of this writing.