Latest Genshin Impact Leaks and Confirmations


Genshin Impact, Version 2.8, Epic Games

Victoria Foster, Staff Writer

Being such a popular game with consistent updates, it comes as no surprise that the Genshin Impact community has a section of people interested in finding content that has yet to be released. As the game continues to grow, more and more players regularly look forward to these leaks in order to save for certain characters or weapons.

Below is the latest list of characters that are rumored to be released and what is currently known about them. This information is always subject to change until official release.

Warning: Spoilers for 3.2 Archon Quest


Al-Haitham was one of the first characters introduced to us during the Sumeru Archon Quest and has played a large role in the story from beginning to end. Despite this, there has yet to be any official confirmation on whether he will be a playable character in the near future.

It’s been confirmed that Al-Haitham is a Dendro user, as seen on his design. Allegedly, he will be released as a 5-Star Sword user in the 3.4 patch.

His burst is labeled as “Forlorn Lotus,” where, by pressing and holding E, he will throw out a lotus that causes a Dendro fog to form on the battlefield. This fog will give an attack buff and supposedly have his weapon change into what is currently known as ‘ForlornLotus mode’.


Kaveh is a new character first revealed in the 3.2 patch at the end of the Sumeru Archon Quest where he is seen bickering with Al-Haitham. While his role officially hasn’t be revealed, several other characters describe him as a genius engineer, inventor and architect.

Once again, Kaveh’s model shows him to have a Dendro vision on his hip. Current leaks are unsure of his rarity level, but he might be released as a 4-Star Claymore user along with Al-Haitham in 3.4.

There haven’t been any leaks on his abilities yet, but hopefully more information will be shared soon as the 3.4 update gets closer.


Layla is a character that has been recently confirmed during the 3.2 livestream. She is a Rtawahist student focusing on astrology and works constantly to try and complete her seemingly endless tasks.

She was confirmed during the 3.2 livestream to appear during the second half of the 3.2 banner as a 4-Star Sword-wielder. Several of her animation leaks also prove her to be a Cryo user who can summon shields that protect herself and her allies.

Though there are no official names, Layla will allegedly also be able to add buffs to her teammates and apply the Cryo effect to enemies.


Scaramouche’s first appearance was way back in the 1.1 patch during the Unreconciled Stars event. He then briefly reappeared during Chapter II, only to disappear until the most recent Sumeru Archon Quest as the final boss. Some players have been waiting for him to be a playable character since his first appearance, and now their waiting may finally be over.

As an antagonist he was known as the Balladeer, but as a playable character will be named The Wanderer. He was originally believed to be an Electro user, but later was redesigned to be an Anemo user. He’s rumored to be released in the 3.3 patch as a 5-Star Catalyst user.

His elemental skill is called Hanega: Fushi Kakka, where he deals AoE Anemo damage and then hovers mid-air to enter what’s known as his Windfavored state. While activated, he will increase normal and charged AoE damage.


Dehya is another character who was introduced in the 3.0 update and played a major role in the Sumeru Archon Quest. She is a mercenary hired by the Homayani family to guard their daughter Dunyarzad, a job she took very seriously before retiring at the end of the quest.

She’s confirmed in her character model to be a Pyro user and, through cutscenes in the Archon Quest, will wield a Claymore. However, she is rumored to not be released until the 3.5 patch, making her one of the last 5-Star releases from Sumeru.

Unfortunately, there has been no information on her gameplay as of yet. Players looking to get her will hopefully get more information on her as 3.5 gets closer.

All information is subject to change. However, most leaks concerning Genshin Impact have been proven to be accurate. As usual, HoYoverse will continue to confirm character releases from their Instagram, @genshinimpact.