ASPCA Helps Florida Animal Shelters After Hurricane Ian

Julia Gerasina /

Victoria Foster, Staff Writer

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has started a relief system following the passing of Hurricane Ian.

A total of 181 animals consisting of 34 dogs, 118 cats and 29 guinea pigs were transported by air from Florida shelters to shelters located in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

These actions were taken in order to support the increase of pets being placed into shelters after the passing of Hurricane Ian. By moving these animals, shelters will be able to take in more pets, and local families will have greater chances of being reunited with their lost pets.

As of Oct. 10, over 630 more animals have been helped by the ASPCA’s relief efforts with those numbers gradually increasing each day.

“We [also] provide guidance to shelters on coordinating with FEMA and the state on long-term housing options to keep families together with their pets,” said Wanda Merling, Manager of the ASPCA Disaster Response. “It’s a lot of problem solving and figuring out what can be done quickly and effectively to make the most significant impact to help animals and pet owners hit by this disaster.”

It’s common for pets to get lost and/or injured during catastrophic events. If you find a lost pet, especially near greatly effected areas, remember to check for tags, have a veterinarian check for a microchip and ask around the surrounding neighborhoods before bringing the pet to a local shelter. This can help pets find their homes more quickly and avoid overflow in shelters.

To learn more about ASPCA’s relief efforts during Hurricane Ian and get current updates directly, visit the ASPCA here.