Kicker Griffin Cerra secures UWF win over Crusaders


Lexi Miller and Darby Drapeau

The UWF Argos (3-1) managed to clinch the win against the North Greenville Crusaders (2-3) in the final moments of the fourth quarter, Oct. 1.

With seconds left on the board, Griffin Cerra kicked the game-winning field goal to end the game 34-31.

“It’s definitely exciting when you choose to be in this position [kicker], I mean that’s exactly what you dream about,” said Cerra. “It’s been a rough start to the season so I’m just glad to be able to bounce back mentally and help them win a game.”

The Argos had a slow start as the Crusaders’ offense held a steady lead throughout the first three quarters of the game. The Crusaders came into the fourth with 274 yards, three touchdowns and a field goal.

The Argos found their rhythm after linebacker Kode Lowe recovered a fumble, putting the offense back on the field for a chance to close the gap. Running back Shomari Mason was a key component of the game, running a total of 153 yards.

The offense played 242 yards in the fourth quarter alone, nearly matching their total yards for the first three quarters of the game. They scored three touchdowns and the game-winning field goal within the last 12 minutes of the game.

“We didn’t do everything I thought we were capable of doing,” said coach Pete Shinnick.  “But it says a lot about a team that lost in overtime a week ago got down and then continues to fight, continues to find ways, continues to believe, and continues to get after it and put us in this situation that we are in right now.”

Coach Shinnick hopes this is the first step to getting the Argos back on track in the pursuit of a national championship.

“I’m hoping our new guys understand how difficult the Gulf South Conference is because I think we still got a handful of guys who think ‘oh you know we beat them last year,’” Coach Shinnick said. “I’m like it doesn’t matter, every year is new.”

The Argos will hit the road to play the University of West Georgia on Saturday, Oct. 8.