Pensacon cosplayers back in full swing


Victoria Foster, Staff Writer

After being canceled for a year and a half due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pensacon has returned for 2022. Cosplayers from Pensacola and around the country came together to enjoy the convention.

The term cosplay is a combined word for ‘costume play’ where individuals dress up and sometimes act as characters from animated (and now live-action) series, movies or comics. The term was created by Nobuyuki Takahashi in 1983 at the World Science Fiction Convention (more commonly known as Worldcon).

The reasons people cosplay can vary significantly between individuals. Some cosplayers do it as a creative outlet. 

“It just gives me another way to have a creative outlook on life,” said a Pensacon cosplayer dressed as Asuka Langley from “Evangelion.” Another cosplayer dressed as Amber from “Genshin Impact” agrees with this statement, claiming “You can be anyone who you want. It’s just all in the fabric!”

Others cosplay as a way to meet new people that share their common interests or make new friends in an easier manner. 

“You know automatically that you have a connection with a stranger,” said an individual cosplaying Kokichi Oma from “Danganronpa.” An Alastor cosplayer from the show “Hazbin Hotel” even stated that “It’s actually made it a lot easier for me to talk to people.”

Sometimes, people cosplay to act as mini celebrities themselves. It’s not uncommon for good cosplayers to be stopped by other people for photos and videos to showcase the time and effort they put into their cosplays. 

“I’ve been stopped a thousand times by people saying ‘Hey! Can I take your picture?” a Mandalorian cosplayer said positively.

Pensacon allows creative talent of all kinds from every genre to gather, talk, play, buy and sell as a big and diverse community.

Vendors will sell merchandise from anime, comics, western films, shows and everything in between. Celebrities ranging from voice actors to real-time Hollywood stars are invited to sign autographs and meet fans. A lot of people have fun cosplaying as the characters that the actors or voice actors played as a way to show their appreciation for their work.

All in all, Pensacon wouldn’t be the same without the amazing cosplayers that travel locally and distantly to meet and have fun. If you ever find yourself in the area, don’t be shy to stop by next year for Pensacon 2023!