UWF football: Making UWF greater


Anthony Colbassani, Staff Writer

Coming to the University of West Florida was a very easy decision for me. I saw how much potential the school had and noticed it had everything I needed to succeed in my college career. Many people don’t know about our school and don’t quite understand what exactly it means to be an Argo. 

Oftentimes when I tell people I attend UWF I get laughed at or questioned, mostly by students from larger universities such as Florida State University or the University of Florida. This never bothered me because I always knew that UWF is a hidden gem and it would greatly benefit me to attend. 

Throughout my time here I have learned many things and watched the school grow. I took part in Greek life, becoming the vice president of my fraternity, even helping out with community service for the school. I always saw UWF’s potential but thought that there was one thing missing that would take the school to the next level… a great football team.

In 2019, the UWF football program brought home their first ever Division 2 national championship. The program had only been active for a few years and had gone to the national championship twice, winning once. The star-studded program grows every year and becomes better and better. 

I believe that the football program has benefited this school in so many ways and is the final piece that UWF needs to become a roaring university. The football program has not only brought in tons of money for the university but has brought a lot of attention as well. Winning a division championship is always a huge deal, whether it’s Division 1, 2, or 3. 

When you accomplish something like this, it brings so much attention to you and the people surrounding you. You gain positive publicity, make the people around you proud, and receive media coverage. Winning this national championship has had a snowball effect on the school. 

When our football team won the championship, the media was covering UWF seemingly every day for months. Not only were they interviewing those in the football program but also administration and students. This allows for many people that don’t attend the university to see how great the school is and also allows for older people to see it as well and pass down the information. When you have this level of positive publicity, you’re going to grow and become better.

 The program also brought in money to UWF, allowing the school to improve things on and off campus. With this money, the university has been able to make necessary changes to improve it for students. Many people across the country are finally hearing about UWF because of our football program. This causes people to not only look into the football program but other sports programs as well as the school in general. 

Ultimately, this championship put UWF on the map. People are finally beginning to notice the school, as it is mentioned alongside universities like UCF and USF. Some people even believe that UWF could take on the FSU football program and give them a fight.

 I believe this championship is one of the most important things that has happened to this school. This win brought multiple Division 1 and 2 recruits into the football program, even bringing in athletes from different sports. It’s truly awesome to see how far UWF has come in the three years that I have been here. This is my final semester here and I am currently finishing my degree virtually. My three years on campus were among the best years of my life and it was a privilege to watch the school grow how it did.