Submitted by the UWF Child Abuse Awareness Group

Founded just this year, the UWF Child Abuse Awareness Group is teaming up with Escambia County child abuse advocacy center, Gulf Coast Kid’s House, to raise awareness regarding an ongoing problem in the community.

The goal of the group is largely to spread information about child abuse recognition and prevention. We do this through our social media, where students can feel free to ask questions and talk to us. 

Why is this important? Over 7,500 cases of child abuse were reported in Escambia County in 2019. This is happening at home. 

How much could have been avoided if people knew the signs and knew how to speak up? At Gulf Coast Kid’s House, the mission is to teach others how to advocate for the defenseless. 

One of the ways this can be done is through the Safe Kid Zone test. This quiz only takes a few minutes, and you/your place of business can be a Safe Kid Zone. Take the quiz HERE ( 

How can you help? Gulf Coast Kid’s House is always looking for volunteers, donations, and support. As a non-profit, GCKH depends on volunteers to keep it running.

UWF’s Child Abuse Awareness Group will also be at Chick-Fil-A for a fundraising spirit night on November 12 from 5-8, so show up and support!

Remember to follow our social media to learn more. You can be the change.


FACEBOOK: UWF Child Abuse Awareness Group (

INSTAGRAM: @uwf_caag

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