by Danielle Brown, Staff Writer

UWF senior Abigail Megginson has taken her love for radio broadcasting and turned it into a podcast series for everyone on campus to tune in to.

As a member of the honors program, Megginson knew she had to have a thesis project, but writing a research paper was not exciting to her. After speaking with the honors director and collaborating with The Voyager, she began to put her plan into action.

“I independently put it together because I have experience working in radio,” Megginson said.

Megginson’s experience comes from being a reporter with WUWF, which has given her a designated space to record her voiceovers when she is not recording from home.

So far, she has uploaded two episodes in which she delves into volunteering in college, called “Veggies meet Volunteering,” and the advantages of study abroad programs, called “The Pilot.” Megginson wanted to arrange her podcast in a way that involves all members of the campus in her discussions about various student-related topics.

Megginson said she structured her podcast around what students want to hear about, need to hear about or want to get more involved in. “This Argo Life” is scheduled to air three episodes every two weeks discussing subjects such as studying abroad, volunteering and student experiences.

While the purpose for developing this podcast is to fulfill a thesis requirement, Megginson said she hopes that more students will follow her example and begin to create podcasts of their own.

“It’s going to be something that I learned a lot from,” she said, referring to what will become of her podcast after she graduates. “I hope other students think ‘Oh, cool. What can I make this



After she graduates, Megginson will take what she has learned from creating this podcast and apply it to her future careers. She said her goal is to share student experiences and enable her listeners to consider different perspectives and think critically about the topics she discusses.

“Whenever I listen to podcasts, I’ll have a perspective change,” she said. “I think if I can maybe do that for one person, that would accomplish my goal.”

Megginson’s podcast can be found on iTunes podcasts or by going to