by Zora Davis, Staff Writer

The Pensacola food festival was held this past Friday and Saturday at the Vince J. Whibbs St. Community Maritime Park.

Habitat for Humanity Pensacola hosted a great event for the residents of Pensacola to attend to enjoy amazing foods from well-known restaurants and food trucks located here in Pensacola.

Habitat for Humanity has been hosting this event for years now, and each year the crowd and food trucks continue to grow.

“When we first started this event, I wasn’t sure how successful it was going to be,” Habitat for Humanity volunteer Kierra Chandler said. “It took hard work and dedication each year to make this event such a success and to give the locals here in Pensacola something to look forward to each year.”

Overall there was a great turn out at this year. Lines were long at several trucks for a while and specifically, Trolley Stop Ice Cream Shoppe was a huge hit at this year’s festival.

They had trucks that provided different foods from barbecue, hotdogs and authentic Mexican food and much more. Also, there were dessert trucks for those with a sweet tooth.

“This was my first time ever attending this event,” resident Ann Price said. “I heard about the event through my coworker and didn’t have much planned for my family, so I surprised them all with this fun little outing and they definitely are enjoying themselves.”

People enjoyed the company between their friends and families and with other residents within different communities of Pensacola.

The Habitat for Humanity hopes to make this event bigger and bigger each year and hopes to one day reach more people within the community.

There will be more food trucks in attendance and more entertainment for people to enjoy at next year’s event.