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Let me tell you, “Shazam” hit theaters April 5, and I’m excited! The character of Shazam (originally known as Captain Marvel) is an old-school superhero type from the Golden Age whose comic book sales rivaled and surpassed that of Superman’s. Created in 1939 artist C.C. Beck and writer Bill Parker crafted the character for Fawcett Comics. Captain Marvel first appeared in Whiz Comics #2 in February of 1940. Here are five Marvelous facts about the Captain of Thunder!

follow site The character of Captain Marvel (DC) is actually older than the character of Captain Marvel (Marvel)!

Shazam (created in 1940) was the first Captain Marvel. Around 1953, Fawcett Comics ceased publishing the comics due to a copyright infringement suit from DC Comics (DC Comics claimed the character to be a copy of Superman). The suit had their trademark of the character name lapsed. Marvel Comics at the time took this creative opportunity to launch their own Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) in 1967.

viagra online 50mgs SHAZAM is actually an acronym!

S.H.A.Z.A.M. stands for: Wisdom of Solomon, Strength of buy cialis online canada Hercules, Stamina of Atlas, Power of brand viagra for order Zeus, Courage of see Achilles, Speed of source site Mercury.

accutane side effects with alcohol SHAZAM had the first comic book movie ever.

The “Adventures of Captain Marvel” was a 12-chaptered movie, with a combined run time of close to 4 hours long. “AoCM” starred Tom Tyler as the Shazam and Frank Coghlan Jr. as Billy Batson. The reviews for the film were very positive. Authors Jim Harmon and Donald F. Glut claim that “Adventures of Captain Marvel” is “unquestionably one of the finest movie serials ever made, possibly the best with the exception of the three ‘Flash Gordon’ epics”.

source site SHAZAM’S arch rival is an Ancient Egyptian from 1279 BC

Teth-Adam (AKA Black Adam) is the son of ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II. He impressed one of the high priests, who was the wizard Shazam. When Teth-Adam/Theo Adam says the magic word “Shazam,” he is transformed into Black Adam and granted the following powers derived from the ancient Egyptian gods: stamina of Shu, swiftness of Heru, strength of Amon, wisdom of Zehuti, power of Aton, courage of Mehen.

Who would win: SHAZAM VS. Superman?

So, as I’m writing this article I’m thinking, “Hmm, I’m interested to know who would win between Superman and Shazam?” I’ve been a comic book fan long enough to know not to flaunt my funny book knowledge. That’s how you get into hour-long arguments via the web. So, I did a quick Google search, and what I stumbled upon was some heavily researched and well thought out arguments claiming why one or the other would win. Even when it comes down to a poll, the vote was split 50/50.

So, who would win? I’ll ask you, and I’ll tally the votes and give you the results next week along with my Shazam review. See you then, Fandemonium!