by Hannah Guice, Staff Writer

Now that Spring Break is finally upon us, I’ve compiled a list of local sites to explore and events to attend, as well as a handful of travel tips for those on a budget.

Local Events

For those of you trapped in Pensacola throughout the break, have no fear; there’s still plenty of events to attend.

Friday, March 8: Between the Buried and Me at Vinyl Music Hall

Saturday, March 9: McGuire’s 42nd Annual St. Patrick’s Day Run

Saturday, March 9: Historic Arcadia Heritage Day

Tuesday, March 12: Buckethead at Vinyl Music Hall

Tuesday, March 12: Comedy Night at Swan Neck Meadery

Friday, March 15: Gallery Night – Luck O’ The Irish

Friday, March 15: Hot Glass Cold Brew 80’s Edition

Saturday, March 16: Bikes on the Bay

Saturday, March 16: Smokin’ in the Square

Friday, March 15: Movie Screening of “Son of a Gun” at Imogene Theatre

Saturday, March 16: Bike Pensacola’s March Slow Ride

Pensacola Sites

Take advantage of some extra time to explore the treasures unique to Pensacola that many of us forget.

  1. Museums – Now that you’ve closed the history textbooks for the week, open your itinerary to explore some of the history and art surrounding you in Pensacola. For starters: Naval Aviation Museum, The Pensacola Lighthouse and Museum, Pensacola Museum of Art, T.T. Wentworth Jr. Museum, and Arcadia Mill.
  2. The Beach – We’re nearing the end of off-season days at the beach, but there’s still plenty of time to get first dibs on seashells, relax on the shore, or if you’re like me bravely swim in the brisk water. Enjoy the final moments before the beach floods with tourists and maybe wake up for a sunrise on the beach too.
  3. Camping – Grab some friends and a tent and trek a few days in the wilderness. Check out the beach spots in Fort Pickens, bike the trails in Blue Lagoon State Park or venture to the swampy style surrounding Black Water River State Park. If glamping is your cup of tea, then Coldwater Gardens in Milton is made for you.
  4. Restaurants – Pensacola is not lacking in the local restaurant industry. While O’Zone is my personal favorite pizza joint in Pensacola, test my opinion and try the dozen other spots in town. Also, worth checking out: Calvert’s in the Heights, End of The Line Café, Five Sister’s Blues Café or Union Public House. There’s an amplitude of local places to grub in town. I recommend checking out the reviews on Yelp and finding a few of your own favorites.

Travel Tips

If you’re looking to fly or take a trip somewhere on short notice there are a few apps I recommend downloading that are essentials for me when I travel.

Airbnb – Not only is Airbnb built for every level of a budget, it enhances any trip by allowing you to stay in a local’s home. Whether you desire just a couch to crash on or your own fancy suite, Airbnb has got you covered. I recommend strolling through reviews first and doing research prior to traveling if security is a concern for you.

Travel Search Engines – Expedia, Hotwire and Kayak. I didn’t rely on these until I got stranded in Chicago due to a cancelled flight by Frontier Airlines. Whether you need to catch a flight, rent a car, book a hotel or all of the above these search engines can remarkably help you find great deals.

Turo – Similar to Airbnb, you can actually rent out local cars to travel around your destination with for good prices. The only downfall is that there’s typically a limit on miles allotted versus the unlimited you’ll find through major car rental companies.

Flights – StudentUniverse and CheapOair are sites geared towards booking discounted flights. Though, I mostly use these as methods of planning to scout out the cheapest travel dates you can usually snag a great deal as well.