by Delaney Anderson, Staff Writer

With their last Senate meeting before elections, the Student Government Association made sure to attend to any unfinished business during Friday’s meeting, specifically by inducting a new Supreme Court justice into the judicial branch.

After several minutes of questions, conversation and debate, Jake Iselborn, a UWF senior nursing major, was unanimously voted in as a new Supreme Court justice.

Supreme Court justices are interviewed and chosen by the Student Body President, Brandon Malone, who selects those interviewed by recommendations. Those voted into this position serve with Supreme Court Chief Justice Ashley Sepessey during any judicial hearings.

Once inducted into the judicial branch, Supreme Court justices remain on the board until they graduate from the university or fail to meet academic requirements.  

Ben Stubbs, Director of Enrollment and Student Affairs and Judicial Board Advisor, presented a point of information that the skill sets that are most required of those within the Judicial Branch are critical thinking, ability to remain objective, ability to parse out the facts and to understand what is at issue over any claim or appeal that is presented.

Malone nominated one additional candidate, a member of the current Freshmen Committee, for the fifth, and final, seat on the judicial board. However, the candidate was not appointed to the position due to a failed vote from the senators.

“I have high confidence that those I appointed have calm demeanors whenever it comes to making hard decisions,” Malone said. “That is why I believe that they are worthy candidates of this board.”

With one seat left on the judicial board, and time running out before elections take place, Senator Matthew Arnold, of the College of Education and Professional Studies, expressed concern about the pressure placed on another nomination for the fifth Supreme Court justice and gave his opinion against electing one who is not a senior.

“I do not feel like we should appoint another justice to the board, unless it is a senior, until next year,” Arnold said. “The Freshmen Committee is moving up next year into senate and executive positions, and I feel that the next administration should be the one that is going to take their time to choose someone who is going to be on the board for the next few years.”

Iselborn’s place on the judicial board of SGA begins immediately, and he will be a part of any judicial hearings until his expected graduation in May.

The Senate also presented a second reading of ’18-’19 Bill V, authored by Budgets and Allocations chair Jordan Negron, which addressed money allocations for different departments and organizations on campus.

Since the previous Senate meeting held on Feb. 15 addressed changes to the money given to the Department of Recreation and Wellness, Homecoming, the UWF Emerald Coast campus, and the ArgoGaming club, these issues were brought up again for discussion and voting.

Each of the listed departments or organizations requested more money than they were allocated, but the senators followed the suggestion of the Budget and Allocations Committee and voted in favor of leaving their allocations the same as the original bill listed.

Elections for the 2019-2020 SGA will be held Monday through Wednesday via ArgoPulse, or at business hours in the University Commons.

Winners will be announced at 9 p.m. Wednesday in the Great Hall of the Commons and will be posted online and on the door of the SGA office, upstairs in the commons, room 227.