by Delaney Anderson, Staff Writer

Zenani Johnson and Jamie Calvert will lead the student body in the 2019-2020 academic year, as they were announced to be Student Body President and Vice President, respectively, in the Student Government Association election on March 6, taking the titles with an 88 percent vote.

Johnson, the newly elected Student Body President, who is the current Student Body Vice President, has been a part of SGA since her first year at UWF, when she was a member of the Freshmen Committee in 2016.

Calvert, Johnson’s running mate and vice president, began her journey in SGA alongside Johnson on the 2016 Freshmen Committee and has continued to hold positions in SGA, currently serving as the Chief of Staff.  

Both Johnson and Calvert have made significant impacts and changes on the Student Body during their time in SGA, and they continue to have high aspirations and expectations of themselves and their administration in the upcoming year.

The Johnson-Calvert ticket ran on a platform with focus towards inclusivity, academics, amenities, environmental changes, student experience, campus partnerships, accessibility, health and safety, as well as transparency from their administration during the upcoming year.

“The Johnson-Calvert team is excited about improving existing resources on campus,” said Johnson. “Our platform items will benefit students for years to come, as well as enhance the student experience for current students.”

Both Johnson and Calvert have plans for four projects to get started at the beginning of their term.

The first project on their list is a safety app, similar to the blue light system on campus, that will be used through mobile phones. Johnson says their goal is to have the app launched quickly for students to start utilizing it when they return to campus in the fall.

Following the safety app project, Johnson and Calvert plan to purchase laptop chargers for the library circulation desk and implement a laptop checkout program in resident halls, as they realize how critical mobile devices are for students’ education. After this, they are planning to add park and picnic benches around campus.

Another significant piece of the Johnson-Calvert platform is their idea to implement a parking ticket canned food drive.

“Students [will] have the opportunity to turn in a canned good to the Argo Pantry in exchange for a reduced price on their parking ticket,” said Johnson. “This will not only reduce the financial burden for students, but it will also be a huge benefit to the Argo Pantry.”

These are only a few of the changes and improvements President Johnson and Vice President Calvert hope to bring to campus during their term. To see all of the items the team plans on implementing while in office, you can check out their website at

Mario Tobar is the newly elected treasurer to serve on the executive branch in the 2019-2020 term, taking the race against his opponent with a 60 percent vote. Tobar ran as a part of the Johnson-Calvert team and is excited to bring his voice and leadership to a new area of SGA and wants to use his position to work closely with Johnson and Calvert on many of their platform items.

“I am excited to work hard for the students in order to ensure their success here at UWF,” Tobar said. “I would like to be more involved with mental health awareness week, because I believe that mental health is an essential part of [the] college experience.”

As the UWF SGA statutes state that the treasurer is response to keep record of all financial transactions made for the student body, Student Senate, and Student Body President, Tobar is aspiring to go beyond his expected role and use his position to better the student body.

While other positions of the Executive branch are appointed following elections, the student body was given the opportunity to vote for a certain number of senators per college, with the number elected depending on the population of each college.

Senators elected, distinguished by the college they belong to, are listed below.

College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities

Ashton Bosso

William Mettlach

Virginia Morrison

Kayla Rau

Keyshawn Rodgers

College of Business

Madison Alexander

Dierre Johnson

Jade Ortiz

Thanh Tran

College of Education and Professional Studies

Bruno Matthew Arnold

Victoria Contreras

Nuriel Miller

Arianna Moore

Usha Kundu, MD, College of Health

Christopher Baptiste

Ruben Gardner

Margaret Jefferies

Eric Kennedy

Erin Larkin

Mary-Sheldon Williams

Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering

Alyssa Borelli

Noemi Gaytan

Alexander Gibbs

Hunter Lyons

Jordan Negron

Tamani Williams

In addition to senators, the student body voted in Breanna Lundsford as the Emerald Coast Campus’s Governor. Lundsford ran unopposed.

Each of the newly elected SGA members will be inducted into office at the next senate meeting on April 6. The meeting is open to the public and will begin at 2:30 p.m.

Editor’s Note: Jamie Calvert is also a staff writer for The Voyager.