by Wendell Slater, Staff Writer

Last Wednesday, UWF Peer Educators hosted the first Project Condom Show, where students wore elegant dresses made out of condoms, combining sexual health education with the vivacious energy of a runway modeling show.

Peer Educators brought raw energy when covering important topics like the importance of getting tested, personal sexual maintenance and sex positivity. Students were also able to get HIV tested with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

The fashion show had six designers or design teams. First place went to the Theater Department, second place went to the sorority Kappa Delta, and third place went to Samantha Lubowiecki.

The condoms used in making the outfits were donated by the One Condom Company. The condoms were defaulted, nonlubricated and were never packaged.

Photos taken by Sean Minton.

If you would like more information on where you can receive important information on sexual health please follow this link to the UWF Sexual Health Page.

Writer’s Note: Some people are a little shy about the subject of Sexual health and the specifics that go along with it. I am not that type of person, and I appreciate the fact that we can be open and expressive about important topics like these. After all, college is for adults.


We should be able to enjoy these grown-up discussions, and college is also about having some fun!

So here are some more funny headlines I came up with (most of them are Zoolander references), and I encourage you to send us some of your own!


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