long term accutane side effects by Delaney Anderson, Staff Writer The Student Government Association on Friday approved a resolution for further discussion and action towards improving the University Commons at their first Senate meeting of February.

order levitra Resolution VIII approaches SGA’s support and encouragement of the plans to expand the University Commons, whether it be the building itself or the construction of a new student union, in order to adapt to the campus’s growing population. “The university is showing support,” said Matt Marshall, Director of University Commons and Event Services. “Even though there has not been support on construction of a new union, because that is not the best decision right now, financially, they’re taking steps to support us in other ways. This year, we have 1.5 million dollars that is being given to us for planning, which should help us with three phases of renovation.”

go to site With the Commons being built in 1969, when the student population was under 100 students, SGA expressed its support for the need to focus on expanding the hub of campus to accommodate the current population of just under 12,000 students.

discount viagra professional An additional resolution was announced to commend Dr. Joffery Gaymon, UWF’s former Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs, for all of her assistance and support of both SGA and the student body during her time at UWF.

buy propecia in australia with paypal With Friday’s meeting being the last one Dr. Gaymon would attend as a UWF employee, SGA presented her with a framed copy of Resolution IX in her honor.

accutane banned in us Both Resolutions VIII and IX passed with a unanimous vote.

buy generic levitra Brandon Malone, Student Body Vice President, gave a short recap of the Rally in Tally, which SGA members attended on Wednesday.

Rally in Tally is a gathering of the Florida Student Association – an organization with representation from 12 of Florida’s universities – in Tallahassee to advocate for items on its legislative agenda.

Zenani Johnson, Student Body Vice President, has attended three of these gatherings during her time in SGA.

“It gets better each year,” Johnson said. “Just having the opportunity to sit with representatives from each institution, and being able to lobby for over 350,000 students on issues that affect each person on our campus is great.”

SGA announced two upcoming events that are open to the student body: Taxes and Tacos, as well as The Law and Your Community.

Taxes and Tacos will be held from 6-8 p.m. on Feb. 26. This event is a seminar that will explain common mistakes made when filing taxes. Though the event specifically targets freshmen, all students are welcome.

From 2-4 p.m. on Feb. 15, SGA is partnering with the African-American Student Association to host The Law and Your Community. This event will educate the local community on interacting with law enforcement and will feature a panel of community members involved with the law enforcement.

SGA Senate meetings are open to the student body and are held every other Friday at 2:30 p.m. in the Commons Auditorium.