prednisone tablets usp 10 mg cialis in uk by Danielle Brown, Staff Writer

female viagra 100mg england Over 3,000 people from around the world gathered to participate in Pensacola’s 22nd annual Double Bridge 15k and 5k race on Saturday morning. The 15k (9.3 miles) started at the Blue Wahoos Stadium and led runners over Pensacola Bay and the Santa Rosa Sound in Gulf Breeze. Participants of the 15k took off at 7 a.m. and about 45 minutes later, the first two runners emerged from the fog heading downhill on the bridge towards Pensacola Beach and the finish line. Sergei Zyrianov, 34, from Gainesville, had an average two-second lead in front of Trent Lusignan, 26, from Rochester, Minnesota, for the duration of the race. The two were in a sprint to the finish line in the last 250 meters, with Zyrianov winning first place with a time of 46:44, and Lusignan in a close second with a time of 46:46.

viagra online canada Zyrianov said he has been running for 25 years and has completed 13 marathons, including the Boston Marathon, which he used as training for the Double Bridge Run. He is from Russia and came here to stay with his friend and fellow participant in the race, Lyubov Denisova, to get away from the snow and start his winter training.

click The first female across the finish line, Sarah Horbol, came in 12th place overall with a time of 54:37. Horbol, 32, is from Westlake, Ohio, and went through an elaborate training process with an interesting diet in preparation for the race. “I’ve been consistently running 60 – 70 miles a week, with one or two workouts thrown in per week too,” Horbol said. “I eat a lot, but I like to eat very clean, very nutrient dense foods. But I love ice cream and red wine too.”

follow site She has been running track and cross country since she was a kid and through high school. After taking a break from it in college, she began running again and pursuing higher goals.

how to buy best price viagra professionalIn 2014, I decided to run a marathon,” Horbol said. “It went really well. I qualified for the Boston Marathon in my first attempt. From that race on, I’ve just gotten more and more serious and now I’m actually going to the Olympic Trials next year for the marathon.”

Jason Libbert, director of events for Pensacola Sports and the Double Bridge Run, told the Pensacola News Journal last year that he and his team had been coordinating with officials about using the replacement bridge, currently under construction over Pensacola Bay, in the Double Bridge Run.

“We have met with the bridge contractor, along with the (Pensacola Police Department), the Escambia County Sheriffs and Gulf Breeze Police, and everybody is on board,” Libbert said. “They are well aware of the race and timeline.”

Construction was scheduled to be finished Jan. 26, but even without the new bridge being completed in time for the 15k, Horbol said she liked the course.

“I always tell myself with hills, ‘get over it, mentally and physically … and then you’re gonna catch your breath and your pace is gonna pick back up,’” Horbol said.