cheap accutane order viagra uk by Wendell Slater, Staff Writer

safe from online pharmacy free levitra What could have been a peaceful week of convention and appreciation of creative work has turned into a week of fandom pandemonium over controversy surrounding Pensacon 2019. Now, it’s easy for me to start this article with some jokes, but let’s be honest: This is a serious series of events surrounded by a very controversial subject. Let me break down the events to the best of my ability.

cheap cialis in usa The “Pensacontroversy” starts at the lead-up to the premiere of “Dragon Ball Super: Broly.” Vic Mignogna, the voice actor for the film’s leading character, was accused of sexually assaulting underage women, a serious accusation that was then met with two investigations by both FUNimation and Rooster.

buy cialis no prescription online In a response to the allegations and investigations, Mignogna said this: One of the women coming forward is Monica Rial, the English voice actor for Bulma in the “Dragon Ball” series. Rial will be making an appearance at Pensacon this Friday though Sunday.

propecia pills from online drugstore prescriptions Some Twitter users began taking sides on the issue, with those in favor of #StandWithVic claiming “he doesn’t deserve this” or even “I will boo (his accusers).”

viagra next day delivery But what sparked the biggest debate was a response from Pensacon 2019’s Twitter account when they threatened to “have some folks arrested.”

potent 20mg levitra What followed was a back-and-forth between a user, who said they would not be attending, and Pensacon.

how to get cialis no prescription “We have eyes everywhere.” With this quote, attention came pouring in to review the statement. More disagreement from Pensacon and various Twitter users continued, and eventually, Pensacon would deactivate their account.  

Sometimes when trying to play the hero, you may come across as the villain.

Pensacon issued a statement via Facebook on Feb. 16 to double down on their stance that no verbal harassment of special guests will be tolerated.

The reaction that came in was again mixed, as Pensacon-goers commented their opinions on the matter and questioned Pensacon’s handling of the situation. Pensacon even went as far as deleting comments on the post.

As if the conversational discourse behind this complicated issue wasn’t murky enough, a few days later a bomb threat was reported.

The issue went from complex to possibly dangerous, and no one is laughing now. But the show must go on, as Pensacon is still scheduled to continue, now with heightened security measures.

The “Pensacontroversy” is a case study in real time, with two sides made up of different groups fighting for different principles.

Pensacon: the convention honoring the legacy of superhero comics, as they gallantly come to the defense of a victim.

Some supporters see a show of strength; others fear what they view to be a grasp of power. And on the other side, a cry for legal justice to be the ruling verdict, but also a lack of empathy for possible victims in a personally destructive moment of life.

I’ve never been afraid to dive into the deep end of a gritty subject. This weekend I will be at Pensacon to interview anyone willing to talk on the matter: officials, protesters, anyone even remotely involved. I will present the facts impartially. Though I do have personal views on the matter, my job as a journalist is to remain impartial. That’s what we do.