discount cialis without prescription by Hannah Guice, Staff Writer

source url Last weekend Pensacola transformed into a giant pop culture, sci-fi fantasy enthused, animated cosplay hub to celebrate the sixth annual Pensacon.

levitra tablets best price Visitors and locals alike filled the Pensacola Bay Center for Pensacon and then dispersed throughout the downtown area to attend panels, cosplay contests and film viewings.

follow url A highlight for many was the surrounding downtown restaurants that flipped into themed dimensions, taking guests into their favorite movie or television settings where they can enjoy not just decorations but story-oriented food and beverages. “Pensacon affects the entire community because everyone gets involved,” said Beth Akin, a Pensacola local. “I think it’s cool how people come from all over the country to go to Pensacon. I never thought of Pensacola as much of a tourist attraction aside from Pensacola Beach. I love how involved both locals and tourists come together to nerd out.”

how to buy cialis in canada The Deck Bar took Pensacola to “a galaxy far, far away” with its “Star Wars” theme. Jedi served drinks and Jawas were placed around three small tables probably to take the leftover food scraps. Cardboard cutouts of main characters such as C-3PO, Darth Vader and Boba Fett paired well with Han Solo in carbonite. It wouldn’t be Mos Eisley Cantina without good beverages in which The Deck Bar did not hold back on the alcohol or the puns with themed drinks such as “Han Shot First.” It was a drop dead on the first shot type of drink, if you ask me. The Fish House transformed into a magical restaurant, for all muggles and wizards, with a “Harry Potter” theme and plenty of butter beer to enjoy. Dementors along the wall greeted guests and candles hung from the ceiling. House flags covered the walls along with “Wanted” posters of the beloved Sirius Black. Things turned upside down at the Tin Cow with “Stranger Things” themed beverages and decorations. A spiked milkshake topped with a crisp waffle paired well with the Demogorgon greeting guests at the entrance and the spooky Christmas lights hanging on an alphabet mural. Coinciding with these themes, Trekkies were invited to “live long and prosper” with oysters at Atlas Oyster Bar, Hopjacks converted to a “Rick and Morty” theme with excellent Pickle Rick shots, O’Riley’s and the arcade bar Play sported a “Game of Thrones” theme and Perfect Plain Brewery took a journey and created its own fellowship.

get link “My father and I came down to Perfect Plain Brewery because they chose to do a ‘Lord of The Rings’ and ‘Hobbit’ theme, so we had to check it out,” Akin said. “The brewery did a great job on the decorations. They had cardboard cutouts and Sauron’s eye along with the One Ring hanging up. I thought it was a fun environment to be in. I’m not much of a beer drinker, but it was a lovely atmosphere to be in and drink champagne.”

viagra best buy Many people enjoy dressing up and transforming into the embodied personas of their favorite characters.

Cosplay is a serious craft that offers more than a guaranteed double take by passersby but often a bonding conversation to follow.

Marsha Richards cosplayed as Pikachu and traveled from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, to attend Pensacon. She stepped outside a packed full Hopjacks to get a breath of fresh air.

“I’ve made so many connections through this convention,” Richards said. “Though I didn’t win any awards for my cosplay, I got to see so many others win that were well deserved. I aspire to create like them.”

She handed me the bicycle helmet she transformed into the foundation for Pikachu’s ears. The helmet is plastered with yellow paint, tape and cardboard ears that are meticulously shaped to resemble those of Pikachu.

“I spent an entire week making this and it’s by far my best cosplay that I’ve created,” Richards said. “With my mom’s help, I had to redo the helmet four different times to get it perfect.”

Naturally, Pensacola does not need much of a reason to decorate the town for any occasion or to throw a party, but Pensacon is a community favorite where all worlds collide in celebration of different enthusiastic fandoms to celebrate their favorite characters and artists.

Pensacon creates an alternate reality and provides a chance for people to express their creativity and to gush with others over their favorite characters and artists spanning from all universes within the television screen to comic books.