free cialis online by Jamie Calvert, Staff Writer

see A few years back, if you ever found yourself driving on the north end of Davis highway, you probably passed a piece of land that was overrun with kudzu. You might not have even seen it, much less thought twice about it. If you drove that same road now, and kept a keen eye, you’d see a large red and white building with something special brewing inside.

how can i get accutane A Little Madness Brewing Company was founded by David Beddick and his wife in 2015. Since then, they have created a microbrewery that is making big moves. “We’ve been working for quite a few years to bring a microbrewery to the county portion of Escambia,” Beddick said. “We’re very excited to be outside the University of West Florida.”

prednisone 10 mg 12 daypack instructions Beddick and his wife did more than just purchase the land and start building – they discovered that there was no land code in existence to allow them to fulfill their dream. The couple successfully lobbied for new code to be written to make it possible for breweries, wineries, brewpubs and distilleries to exist outside of Pensacola city limits.

price propecia “We’re looking forward to having a place that we can offer our beers out, do fun things and be integrated with the community,” Beddick said. “At the same time, we’ve also got some sustainability initiatives and we want to be able to play all those things together.”

buy generic prednisone without a prescription Their unique beverages are made with modern and sustainable methods, the forefront of which is their solar collection system. The building itself was constructed very purposefully. On the roof sit five thermal collectors that will preheat water using the power of the sun, which is pumped down into a hot liquor tank. They also recycle through that system, and have the ability to supplement the water heating process with steam that’s been generated through electricity. As the business expands, the awnings outside will be covered with solar panels to offset the company’s electrical usage.

go The waste product from the brewing is donated to local farms to be used as feed. Beddick allows farmers to collect the spent grain to be used as compost, as well as feed horses, pigs and even peacocks.

“We haven’t really wasted anything on this side of the house,” he said. “We look to expand on these initiatives in the future with some of our adjacent property – that’ll be down the road a little bit. A lot of the design that was put into this was to minimize usage, but maximize the workflow of making the beer.”

Beddick notes that his proximity to UWF provides a great spot for students to come have fun, enjoy good beer and be safe.

“We definitely have a good spot,” he said. “We have a lot of good games, we have great beers and can do different sizes, which gives people the opportunity to try multiple (drinks) without spending $6 or $7 each time.”

The property itself is a great size, with yard games and plenty of room to socialize. The day that I visited A Little Madness, a food truck was parked outside.

“Our outside area is spacious, we have our own parking which is something you’re not going to find downtown.

“We live in this area, we see how it’s developing as well as the university,” he said. “We’re excited to be on the doorstep, and we look forward to seeing it grow.”

A Little Madness is open Thursday through Sunday and offers five beers on tap, and will soon be expanding to 13.

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