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poppers drug ingredients viagra The sixth annual Pensacon is right around the corner. For some, it will be their first time attending, and the three-day event can quickly become overwhelming with several different shows and panels happening at different times and at various downtown locations. To make sure you don’t miss out on an event you want to attend, plan accordingly with these helpful tips. propecia tablets male menopause Pensacon App

Pensacon has a mobile app for Android and iOS for Pensacon-goers to use to keep track of the times and any additional information on the event. Real-time updates are posted in the app as well as a layout of Pensacon. Attendees can look at the several different activities in advance through a list on the app and can organize their daily schedule through it.

The App also has a scheduling option, so if an app user were to see a panel they would like to go to, they can add it to their schedule in the app. Special guests are also featured in the app, so if you want to know where a specific guest is during Pensacon, you can also add them to your schedule. There is a wide variety of information on the app to download for those who would like to remain organized.

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Besides purchasing tickets for the event, there are vendors inside the Bay center who will sell items and art. To put it in layman’s terms, the products are not cheap. If you want to get these items, be prepared to bring an abundance of money.

Some special guests also charge to have photos taken with them or to sign items. Meeting a guest is free, but anything beyond that will have a price attached to it. Attendees are not allowed to have their cameras out in the meet-and-greet rooms unless they have paid to take a photo with the special guest.

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Pensacon is a very long event that consists of walking and a lot of standing. In previous years, there have been several attendees pass out from dehydration or heat exhaustion. Whether cosplaying or not, attendees should bring their own bag with water in it to last for the day.

There is water available at the event but to save money or time, it would be beneficial to bring a water bottle. Food

Because Pensacon is downtown, there is an assortment of different places to eat. The Pensacola Bay Center, which is the headquarters for the event, has pricey food inside. Some people would like to spend their money on items and merchandise at the event rather than on food, so there are some other options to counteract that.

Attendees can bring in some snacks to last them for a bit. They may also take the trolley toward Palafox Street and sift through the many restaurants there that are more affordable and more fulfilling. Much like the dehydration situation, attendees need energy to last the long day and remain healthy.

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The Bay Center has security and metal detectors, but always be aware of your surroundings. Always travel with a friend in case of any emergency, and if something seems suspicious, do not be afraid to tell anyone. The same could be said if you see someone about to faint or pass out. Do not hesitate to help others or to ask security for help. Parking

Parking is limited at the Bay Center, but since there is a trolley, parking options have expanded for attendees willing to walk the distance. Palafox and near the pier have parking available for long hours. Near Gregory Street there are also free parking options at some of the local restaurants. Be aware of parking locations to avoid tickets.

The event will be Friday-Sunday from 1-6 p.m. each day. For more information on Pensacon, visit their website or Facebook page.