propecia tablets uk by Hiram Velez, Staff Writer The University of West Florida hosted an entrepreneur event Wednesday in the lobby of the Pace Library. This specific event was held to give everyday business-minded people an inside look at what takes place behind the scenes of the Escambia County school system.

real cialis order For example, teaching styles are changing. In the future, teachers may no longer stand up and directly communicate to the masses as they have done for years upon years. In today’s world, more technology and artificial intelligence is being introduced to the school systems, similar to a third-party company being outsourced to help a business. This opens the door for one question: Should teachers fear that they might one day grow extinct? 

long term affect lasix use Technology has been the focal point over the last couple of decades when talking about the growth of mankind. In the last 10 years alone, we have advanced in such a way that the disconnect from each generation seems to be growing larger. A baby boomer in comparison to a millennial makes it seem as if they would be from two different planets. Traditional teaching styles have been geared towards relating to older generations. The advancement of mankind has left no choice but for the education system to implement changes so the information is more relatable.

discount viagra online “I think it is very necessary that we are introducing more technology into the ways of teaching in today’s world,” said John Reeves, a student-teacher attending the event. The educational system is now aiming more towards the actual work force. More and more work-related classes and courses are being implemented in the education system in hopes to set each individual up for future success in the work force. One person on the executive board for the entrepreneur event encouraged changing the name of school media centers to innovation centers. These designated areas in the schools would allow students to research which career paths would best suit them, while finding out who they are and investing in their own personal development.