lasix use in cats acquistare Levitra online by Hannah Guice, Staff Writer

how to get some brand viagra On the first Friday of each month, Bare Hand Collective, a Pensacola nonprofit, hosts an eclectic gathering for the community to meet and enjoy the works of local creative masterminds.

enter site If you follow the heart-pounding music produced by DJ Dad and the campfire smell in the air off Palafox Street, you’ll likely find yourself surrounded by the rest of Pensacola, enjoying a wide collection of artists showcasing their creations.

source link First Friday is a spot for artists to join hands with the rest of the community to share their work and to network. The event is free and open to the public. Food, jewelry, paintings and dream catchers are just some of the things featured at First Friday.

lasix online The backdrop of First Friday is Bare Hand Collective, a nonprofit founded by Jeff Bere, creator of Losobe Woodworks, in August 2017.

levitra store prices Bare Hand Collective is the product and joint effort between Bere and Caitlyn Cooney, manager of Barehand Collective and creator of Charlotte Mason Printing Company, to have a larger working space for both of their crafts.

purchase levitra super active in canada “It was an expansion that we both needed, and now we are able to give back to the rest of the community,” Bere said.

side effects of accutane 40 mg Prior to the establishment of Bare Hand Collective, Cooney kept her letter press studio in her garage. The simple need for an expansive shared workspace that avoids the crossing of sawdust and letters led to the creation of Bare Hand Collective.

us pharmacy viagra pills So far, seven artists use the studio space at Bare Hand Collective, and First Friday currently hosts an average of 20 local vendors.

“I feel it’s like this perfect little baby market right now,” Cooney said. “I just want it to get bigger. I want it to become more sustainable and for people and small businesses to look at it for a source of growth. They can come here and get their name out there.”

First Friday is an avenue for artists from all backgrounds and levels of experience to reveal their work. One artist, Kevin Morelli, creator of Rev Kev Creations, started painting in October and has since joined the list of vendors.  

“Because everybody here is so encouraging and welcoming, it has really made me more confident in my artwork,” Morelli said. “The December show was my first time putting my art anywhere other than on my Instagram. It’s been very encouraging to be a part of it. It’s just a cool vibe. It makes me excited to paint new things to bring to this.”

Bare Hand Collective plans to organize more events in the future for the community, including live-streamed talks with small business owners. According to Bere, the nonprofit also hopes to move in the direction of adding more space for art studios, particularly a music section.

“I would like to see this event grow,” Morelli said. “Being a part of it at this level I think is pretty cool because I’ll be able to see that growth. And just as I was inspired and encouraged, I want to be able to do that for someone else.”

If interested in growing at the Bare Hand Collective as a vendor in next month’s First Friday, or in becoming a member of the nonprofit, renting studio space or donating, check out their website: