can accutane cause appendicitis enter site by Mya Clark, Staff Writer The ninth annual Blizzard Bash will take place at the Cannon Green on Wednesday from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., showcasing a variety of UWF student organizations. Blizzard Bash has become an annual event to showcase the many aspects of student life that campus has to offer. With a variety of fraternities, sororities, clubs and other organizations coming together to unite the student body, this event serves as a way to welcome both new and returning students back to campus.

viagra pharmacy online The event will also serve as a time for students interested in different organizations to find a way to get involved in campus life and in the community.

prednisone dosage less than 5 mg “I think Blizzard Bash helps students who have transferred here or spent the first semester focusing on academics find another avenue that helps them get involved within their school and in the community,” Tommy Judd, member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, said.

watch With much of student life being focused on fraternity and sorority life, this gives students who are interested in other aspects of student involvement besides Greek life an opportunity to see what campus really has to offer.

frusemide lasix side effects “The only reason I knew about other organizations besides fraternities and sororities is because of attending Blizzard Bash last spring,” Judd said. “It just helps show that there are more ways to get involved besides Greek life.”

propecia prescriptions With many freshmen entering their second semester at UWF, Blizzard Bash gives students an opportunity to look for student organizations to get involved with.

enter site “Student involvement does something similar to Blizzard Bash in the fall, but doing it in the spring you get a lot of first time in college students who didn’t know much and have now had time to establish themselves as students academically,” senior Kara Heigert said. “Now they can start branching out to various student organizations.”

Aside from students being able to find organizations they are interested in, Blizzard Bash also allows existing organizations and its members to have networking opportunities outside of their own organization.

“I think Blizzard Bash is a really good way to see what opportunities are on campus and allow students to be able to branch out from more than just their group they already have set for them and see what other organizations are out there,” Heigert said.

With the semester still being fresh, Blizzard Bash will open the door for more student involvement across the board. Whether students are interested in fraternity and sorority life, academic-based organizations, gaming clubs or community-based groups, there’s something for everyone.