viagra super active canadian online drugstore order accutane online by Delaney Anderson, Staff Writer

find cialis no prescription required On Friday afternoon, the Student Government Association’s executive branch shared its progress on their plans to bring free menstrual hygiene products to students on campus.

brand levitra With only a short bit of time left in their positions, this year’s administration is making sure it gets the ball rolling quickly on the project to ensure it is executed before the term is up. “Vice President Johnson and I both agreed that since there are condoms provided to students for free, that we should include menstrual products as well,” said Student Body President Brandon Malone. “Our administration wants to not only do this, but also advocate to build a sustainable source and resupply these products, just like the condoms are.” This initiative, with the assistance of the UWF Peer Educators, will provide students with free tampons and pads on campus. There is hope to provide students with these products by the fall, but a strong push for bringing them to campus by the middle of the spring semester.

cialis next day delivery The final dates and details for the project are being tabled while concerns related to the funding cap, plans to distribute the products and longevity of the project are worked out and solved by the council. The administration’s Chief of Staff, Jamie Calvert, is working to bring a new student appreciation series to the campus, titled “#holidays.”

prednisone 20mg side affects This project will highlight smaller holidays in the calendar year, such as National Pancake Day, that SGA can celebrate with the student body as a way to express appreciation.

see “We need to focus on doing stuff for the students and not requiring anything else from them,” Calvert said. “This will be a way for us to say ‘thank you’ to students for being involved, asking questions and supporting this administration.”

Calvert used the example of SGA members cooking pancakes for the campus population on the Commons Patio as an example of how they could celebrate the underappreciated holidays with students, faculty and staff.

Discussion of the fast-approaching election season also took over the administration’s meeting today, as Malone revealed that the expected number of senators for each college is fewer than in the past.

The number of senators is determined by the number of students in each college. Previously, for every 500 students, one senator was elected; however, with lower enrollment rates, the ratio was lowered in preparation for this year’s election. The updated ratio was not disclosed. 

As of Friday, the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities will have four senators, the College of Business will have three senators, the College of Education and Professional Studies will have five senators, and the Usha Kundu, MD College of Health and Hal Marcus College of Science and Engineering will each have six senators.

Jordan Negron, Budget and Allocations Chair, expressed concern that there were issues with a disproportionate number of senators for each college, not only this year but in the past as well, when taking undecided majors and the varying number of majors in each college into account.

Further discussion of this issue was tabled, as Malone said he would bring the issue to the appropriate people and see what changes could be made, if any, with the amount of time left in the semester before elections begin.

Editor’s Note: Jamie Calvert is a staff writer for The Voyager, but is also an active member of the SGA as the administration’s Chief of Staff.