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follow link Caleb Hammonds, 28, currently attends Northwest Florida State College and is improving his life through helping others in need.

watch Hammonds started his own charity organization called Agapelife Charity Corporation, known simply as Agapelife. He started this organization by himself as he would give food to the homeless, help friends with rent, and picking up trash around the community. “I started it by myself,” Hammonds said. “It was just me going around doing good deeds to help me get out of a dark place.”

levitra samples The charity was officially registered as a corporation last year, but Caleb has had his organization running for five years now.

watch “I chose to build the organization because I wanted to tell a story about how showing love changed my life, and I thought creating a brand would be the best way to do that on a large scale,” Hammonds said. “I hope Agapelife can be a symbol or reminder to do something good for someone today.”

lasix and muscle cramps Hammonds has moved around a few times in his life time and has lived in Jacksonville, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Fort Walton Beach, Florida. All of these places have helped him become a better person and push for a better life not only for himself but for the people in the communities.

follow While running this organization, Hammonds is attending college to better his own life. Not only does he attend college and have an organization, but he works as well.

viagra online mexico pharmacy Managing time for both school, work and the organization would sound like a lot but Hammonds plans each day out with to-do lists, schedules and timers to make sure that he isn’t wasting any time. With each one of his days being scheduled, he is able to balance school, work and his organization to the fullest.

“I try to keep my car stocked with bag lunches as I go about my day,” Hammonds said. “My goal is to give a bag out to everyone I see on the corner asking for help.”

Hammonds not only helps out the people in need, but he does his best to keep the community clean. He goes around to local parks and businesses every night to pick up trash.

“I recently started a system where I put aside 10 percent of my weekly income to donate to my charity,” Hammonds said. “I use that money to help though who need assistance with rent, food, or utilities.”

Recently, Hammonds started a clothing line called Agapelife Apparel. His younger brother Marquell Hammonds is the CEO of the apparel company and is also one of the main sponsors for the charity.

“I give 10 percent of the apparel revenue and donate it to the charity,” Hammonds said.

Hammonds recently connected with The Campus Café at Northwest Florida State College and they are looking to help the cause and sponsor the charity.

“People can also help us out by eating at The Campus Café any time they are in Fort Walton and ask about donating to Agapelife,” Hammonds said.

The organization is on Instagram as @learnagapelife. This page is used to show what the organization is about and shows pictures and videos of the organization in the community handing out food or picking up trash.

“People can follow us on Instagram to see what we do and have a way to donate to the cause,” Hammonds said. “Donations would help us with food, and may help someone struggling financially with rent.”

When people need assistance with rent, the people have to send a picture of the bill before the organization will help them to make sure that the money goes towards their rent.

The Instagram page is run by Hammonds’ friend Seth Simmonds, who lives in Charlotte. Seth also donates to the organization and goes around the parks in Charlotte and picks up trash in his free time.

Hammonds’ sister, Mercedes Hammonds, helps with the Instagram page by taking pictures of Caleb out in the public. She also gives ideas and expresses ways to him on how the charity can grow.

Agapelife Apparel is online for people to buy apparel and spread the logo and cause. For now, the website is giving away free shirts to help spread awareness of Hammonds’ organization.

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