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here The Points of Departure Foundation Exhibition is a beginner-level student exhibition hosted in building 82 from now until Jan. 24th. The gallery located in room 240 is open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and currently displays various artworks by UWF students.

accutane irritating esophagus The artwork showcased is from many different mediums, like drawings, ceramics, photography, digital arts, graphic design, printmaking and paintings. The exhibit focuses on the newer UWF art students’ work throughout the semester. “I think it’s a really awesome way to showcase a lot of the freshman art around here and all of the beginning art,” UWF student Ashly Madison said. “It gives a chance for people to come in and look at their art and get some awesome exposure.” Though some may assume that new students would not have the capability to display astounding art, they should visit the gallery before it ends, for the students present creative and astonishing work.

discount propecia online One of the main works displayed is a 360-degree photograph that a viewer can stand in the center of and observe the picture surrounding them like a circle.

brand propecia with on-line prescription Some of the other work displayed are colorful drawings of nude models, headpieces made from unconventional material and highly detailed sculptures, one of which is covered in ceramic flowers.

usage of levitra “I love it all. Some of my favorite has been the digital art, and a lot of different sculptures as well have been amazing,” Madison said. “I like the colorful drawings of the naked people. The different colors and bodies they have and the different interpretations they use, it shows a lot of body inclusion.”

prednisone non-prescription to purchase Besides the work itself, the opportunity to support new students is beneficial for their career. Usually the gallery does not typically give new students a frequent chance to showcase their art, so this event is important for these artists.

“It’s really cool to see some people I know that just got started with art and some of their [art is] exhibited here,” Madison said. “It is really good to put on a resume that your art has been in a gallery. It is a really big deal.”

Not everything is perfect at a show. The only critic for the exhibit is the need for more art.

“Not all the pieces could be demonstrated or shown,” Madison said. “Not everybody was able to get a piece in here. The good, though, is getting to show all of these different sides of artwork and to give the freshmen a chance to exhibit.”

The closing ceremony for the gallery is Jan. 24th from noon to 3 p.m. Food will also be provided for the attendees. For more information, call 850-474-2696 or email the gallery at for future events.