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enter The Pensacola Museum of Art held a reception Thursday for elementary school students who participated in the 65th annual Youth Art Focus.

enter site A total of 702 people attended the reception which began at 6 p.m., with the line already outside of the door. The students and their parents filled all three galleries on the second floor of the museum to view the artwork they created.

http://maientertainmentlaw.com/?search=cheapest-propecia-uk The central gallery displayed the elementary students’ artwork and quickly became the most crowded room. Families gathered in the gallery to see their children’s art and to enjoy refreshments provided by the museum that included turkey sandwiches, fruit, chips, crackers, cheese, cookies and lemonade.

cialis samples The students’ excitement was heard in all corners of the gallery. They pointed to their artwork and explained their pieces to those passing by. Many students posed in front of their artwork while their parents took pictures. One family said they were excited to see their child’s art displayed in a museum and that they were recognized for their work.

viagra 100mg Each elementary student received a ribbon for their artwork and their participation in Youth Art Focus. Nineteen elementary schools from Escambia County participated in Youth Art Focus to celebrate National Youth Art Month and promote the importance of art in schools. 

go to link Katherine Discepolo, the Best of Show winner for the art educators, emphasized this importance.

here “It’s important to have art in schools,” Discepolo said. “Sometimes this is what keeps children in school.”

prednisone mail pharmacy no prescription Discepolo teaches at the Global Learning Academy in Pensacola. She says students come in with limited knowledge about art but learn quickly.

“They like to constantly be doing something,” Discepolo said. “But if we teach them about art, they can focus that energy to create.”

Discepolo’s piece “Tronco” won Best of Show at the reception held for educators on Tuesday.  “Tronco” is a sculpture made from limestone that is created in a way that the viewer will see a tree trunk or a torso.

“It has two images and lends to either,” Discepolo said. “It represents the artist’s struggle to create and that their work is never done.”

The Pensacola Museum of Art hosted three receptions for Youth Art Focus.  Educators and secondary students had their receptions on Tuesday, where artists were given awards.

The jurors included UWF art professors and Tammy Chisenhall, president of the Pensacola Museum of Art Guild. They judged pieces submitted by educators and secondary school students in the categories of painting, drawing, 2D, photography, digital art, print and 3D. The judges awarded each category a first, second and third place winner.

Four additional awards were given to artists who exhibited outstanding artistic achievement and two artists were awarded best of show.

Youth Art Focus will be on display at the Pensacola Museum of Art until Feb. 17 in the galleries on the second floor.

“The museum has put on Youth Art Focus for 65 years now,” Caitlyn Cooney, Curator of Education, said. “I think it is something people should see because it displays the talents of our local kids.”