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generic viagra canadian In the fall of 2018, The Women’s Studies Collective and the Gender & Sexuality Alliance hosted its first drag show at UWF. The event consisted of several drag queens performing in the Commons auditorium in a competition-based setting.

houston finasteride On Friday, due to popular demand, WSC and GSA will host another drag night at 7 p.m. in the Commons auditorium under a Valentine’s Day theme.

Viagra generico Calabria Instead of a competition this year, the event will consist of six drag queens: Gappie G, Madame Hex, Echo Samore, Alastina Jade Samore, Deelishus Dynamics and Terrah Card. At the end of the performances, there will be an open Q&A between the drag queens and attendees. The emphasis on the Q&A this year is to have an educational purpose to the event. Since this is a college event, the additional information at the end of the show can help people gain a better knowledge of the queens and on LGBTQ+ views while also being entertained. What the first show lacked was audience interaction, so the drag show’s main focus this time is to have viewer participation. By letting audience members ask questions on trending LGBTQ+ issues, it can lead into a discussion on the panel about each topic so listeners can gain knowledge on topics they may not know much about.  

follow site The show is free to attend; however, seats are limited and are taken quickly. It is suggested by WSC to arrive around 6 p.m. in order to get a spot. At this drag show, the drag queens are not paid to perform and rely solely on being tipped.

free levitra powered by vbulletin Audience members are welcomed to tip the performers during their numbers, but they are not obligated to. Applauding, however, is free to do. The event should last roughly until 10 p.m.

clomid drug classification For more information on the event and further questions on the event can be answered here

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