safe cheap canadian levitra by Cailee Heinemann, Staff Writer

accutane versus retin College is supposed to be about having fun and making new memories.  But as a college student, how are you supposed to do that when you are making minimum wage and trying to stay above water? 

here There are so many hidden things to do near the Pensacola area, but most people only think of the beach. Many college kids may only think of Seville Quarter or going downtown for Gallery night, but there is actually so much more to do in our surrounding area. 

brand levitra us Foley, Alabama, is right in our back yard. When people hear of Foley, they definitely don’t think of an amusement park. It is looked at as the stop right before Gulf Shores. However, the town of Foley is actually starting to develop more spots for local entertainment and tourists.

follow OWA Amusement Park

real levitra usual dosage The amusement park, OWA, is set up very much like Six Flags or Epcot. There are arcades, ice cream shops, a doughnut shop and so much more. The grounds are very well taken care of and the park is very convenient to navigate.

source site The rides are enough to get your adrenaline pumping and the park plans on expanding as the traffic continues to increase. The land that the park is set up on would allow many acres of expansion. 

click Lambert’s Café

Right down the road from OWA is the world-famous Lambert’s Café. Pensacola has billboards around town advertising this particular café. 

The wait time for Lambert’s is fairly long depending on the time that you arrive and the day you decide to go. However, the food and the experience are well worth it.

Courtney Smith, a Pensacola local, said despite the long wait time, her experience at Lambert’s was very positive.

“I waited for over an hour before we were seated,” Smith said. “But the experience inside made the line outside so much more bearable”. 

Inside the café, servers come around with big pots of different side items to go with your entrée.  The biggest attraction, though, is when they start throwing fresh, hot rolls at your table.  This is the experience that attracts everyone to Lambert’s.   

Outside, while you are waiting for your table, there are different things to entertain yourself with.

One of the biggest things that grabs customers’ attention is the large map that sits on the side wall of their gift shop. Guests are encouraged to mark the place they are traveling from. This makes it an interesting sight for the visitors to see the different states, and even countries, that people have come from to visit Lambert’s. 

The gift shop has an assortment of things inside.  From the classic t-shirts to the homemade locally-sold honey, there are many souvenirs to take home that gives off a little more of its southern charm.

Looking outside of the box can reveal the diamonds in the rough.  There are so many places in and around Pensacola that many people have yet to discover.  College should be about more adventures and different experiences.  It’s about looking outside of the box and finding things off of the beaten path.  Those places lead to the best memories.