Is the Zucchini the “It Fruit” of 2022?

Naomi Thompson, Staff Writer

It is officially the pregame season for most to get back in shape. On the heels of New Year, the transition from January to February marks how honest you really were about your proclaimed resolutions. If you are trying to make a move from the unapologetic gorging of festive foods to a lighter and greener diet, then I recommend you look no further than the zucchini.

Nutritional Information and Health Benefits

According to the U.S Department of Agriculture data, a cup of uncooked zucchini holds only 21.1 calories and 3.86 grams of carbohydrates. It is also a great source of vitamin C, with a whopping 22.2 grams.

Zucchini is an excellent option for those watching their blood sugar levels or suffering from gastrointestinal (GI) issues. While appearing quite large, zucchini is exceptionally light yet dense in nutrients, and the contents of fiber are a fantastic aid for digestion.

Most importantly, high vitamin C levels can do wonders for both your internal and external organs. Vitamin C plays a vital role in counteracting the aging process. You heard that right. Eat enough zucchini and you may have that newborn baby glow.

But seriously, it helps our skin produce the collagen it needs to defend the skin and fight off the evil UV rays from the sun. In the long run, you’ll be glad you grabbed that zucchini at the supermarket.

What Can You Actually Do with a Zucchini?

You may be sold on the effects but how do you actually go about cooking them? Zucchinis are incredibly versatile and can be found in anything from desserts to main courses. For those still transitioning to greener diets, here are a few healthy-adjacent ideas for your zucchini endeavors.

Zucchini Bread

An edible form of Christmas packed with cinnamon and walnuts. A perfect choice if you’re not entirely sold on the taste of zucchini.


A Greek take on the fruit that is essentially cheesy zucchini balls. The seasoning blend and cheese mixture makes the perfect appetizer.


A lighter and healthier version of classic spaghetti. Swapping out traditional pasta cuts out a large portion of carbohydrates, making this dish blood-sugar friendly.


A flavorful dish uniting an array of sauteed vegetables, including squash, corn, and beans.


Trying to make your diet greener can be overwhelming. As a self-titled vegetable-hating vegetarian, I find this especially true. But the zucchini offers a simple solution with great taste. Whatever style of food you like or diet you follow, it can be an easy add-in.

Zucchini season is right around the corner. The plant cannot survive in freezing temperatures, making Florida summers the perfect growing opportunity. Whether you pop into your local supermarket or plant your own seeds, you won’t be disappointed with zucchini.