Let’s talk about Togetherall


Melanie Cook, Staff Writer

Togetherall is a free peer-to-peer platform offered by UWF for students to anonymously express how they feel and even take self-paced courses to help in managing their mental health. 

The UWF community is understanding and caring, which allows for a positive environment when receiving mental health support. Providing resources that are available for the UWF community to use free of cost is one of the many ways that UWF gives back. 

With the state of the world for the past year and a half, the semester nearly at an end and finals way too close for comfort, it is more than understandable to need someone to talk to right now. 

Some of these self-management courses can help you cut back on addictions such as drinking and smoking, improve sleep and study habits or even manage stress or depression. With all of these options and more, there is something for everyone. 

Beyond the courses offered, some groups can allow you to get things off your chest or talk to others who are going through the same thing. Togetherall is a judgment-free option for everyone to get it all out without having to worry about any of their friends or family treating them differently. This is not a replacement for individual therapy options, but a supplemental service on top of that. 

Taking advantage of mental health resources that are provided is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone needs help at one point or another. 

The entire website is overseen by licensed professionals that are accessible 24/7. Togetherall is not a crisis service. If you feel at risk for suicide or self-harm, please call, (800) 273-8255 or visit the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website.