Home for Homecoming


Melanie Cook, Staff Writer

It has been announced that the Blue Angels will change things up a bit this year because of COVID-19. The US Navy has chosen to have their Homecoming air show on Pensacola Beach Nov 5 and Nov 6 instead of at NAS Pensacola. This announcement comes as a huge win for both Pensacola and Pensacola Beach. 

Usually in town from March through September for regular practices and the Fourth of July air show, locals know that the Blue Angels are a cornerstone of our local pride and identity in Pensacola. Since we are the home to the Blue Angels, we have the opportunity to see them finish out their show season at NAS Pensacola every November.

Because of the pandemic, there has not been a Homecoming air show since 2019. There is also another large issue faced with having an airshow this year: the military base has been locked down to those without a military ID. Because of this, going on base to enjoy the air show and even practices is a no-go. 

With the air show being moved to Pensacola Beach, the public now has an extra chance to experience it. This is especially true for the UWF community. Since many students do not reside in Pensacola during the summer, they miss the opportunity to see what our air shows are like. 

“It’s kinda nice that they moved locations so I can enjoy the airshow with my friends,” said William Kelley, a freshman at UWF.

In addition to the overall experience, moving the air show to the beach allows for surrounding businesses to gain financial stability during the slow season. Since the Pensacola Bay Bridge has reopened after repairing damages from Hurricane Sally, Pensacola Beach has seen an influx of visitors. Having this extra unexpected opportunity is always beneficial for both the economy and the community.