What’s Happening in Pensacola: September 24 – 30

Tyler Luong, Staff Writer

Welcome to the weekly edition of The Voyager’s “What’s Happening in Pensacola” for the week of Sept. 24-30, bringing you news of all fun events taking place in our city.

This week’s lineup of events begins with a foodie’s paradise; headlined by the Pensacola Seafood Festival. The festival is a three-day arts-and-crafts fair in celebration of Pensacola’s rich history and cuisine. It features delicious seafood served fresh straight from local restaurants, great performances from various musical acts and the wonderful sights of downtown Pensacola.

The Pensacola Seafood Festival will take place at Historic Seville Square, located at 311 East Government St. The event will run from Sept. 24-26.

If you’re not a fan of seafood, be sure to check out the Waterboyz Sunday Brunch or the Ever’Market at Nine Mile Road event. There’s more than enough to sate the appetites of even the most passionate of foodies. 

Of course, if food isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of live musical performances to enjoy this week, too. With genres spanning from rock to blues, variety is abundant for even the most diverse musical tastes. 

The musical lineups booked for this week include Live Music at Red Fish Blue Fish, One Step Closer at American Legion, August Burns Red at the Vinyl Music Hall, Delta Blues at Dolce & Gelato and many more.  

For those of you looking for non-musical entertainment, there will be a live stand-up performance featuring the comedic stylings of Emmy Award-winning actor Katt Williams, as well as a celebrity boxing match between internet stars John Gabbana and Supreme Patty. 

The Island Fights 69 match headlined by Gabbana and Supreme Patty will be held on Saturday, Sept. 25 at midnight. The World War III Tour performed by Katt Williams will take place that same night at 8 p.m. Both events will be held at the Pensacola Bay Center.

As always, it is best to call before attending any of these events in the unlikely scenario they are canceled due to COVID-19 or other unforeseen circumstances. 

Be sure to stay on the lookout for next week’s edition of “What’s Happening in Pensacola.”