Argopalooza goes off without a hitch

Lily Plum, Staff Writer

UWF’s annual Argopalooza finally took place on Friday at University Park. The event serves as an opportunity for new and returning Argos to learn about clubs, organizations and other involvement opportunities available on campus. 

Argopalooza was originally scheduled for Aug. 29 but was postponed due to Hurricane Ida. Thanks to the rescheduling, there wasn’t a cloud in sight, and many attendees remarked that it was well worth the wait. 

“We’ve met a lot of new faces,” university ambassador Abbie Hopper said. Abbie was one of many involved students gathered under tents and around tables, helping others to learn about campus organizations.

“Getting to see everyone in their element, that has been really nice,” Hopper added. 

Other students like Kimberly Gonesh and Michelle Traurig walked the rows of tables in search of an organization to join. 

“We’re both exchange students,” Gonesh said, “so it’s a nice introduction to all the clubs they have here.” Regarding the large number of clubs at the event, Gonesh said, “It’s been a long day, we’ve been to every [table], but really fun.”

Traurig said that even with the many clubs that made it to Argopalooza, there were a few absent organizations she was hoping to learn more about.

“There were some clubs that I was interested in and they weren’t here,” Traurig added, “but it’s really nice to see everyone in-person presenting what they do.” 

Fortunately, both girls were able to find clubs that they found exciting. 

“The dance team, the scuba club and surf; those seem really interesting,” Gonesh said.

Throughout the day, students took advantage of the opportunity to meet new people and find new hobbies. Senior honors student Nick Jarrett pointed out that there was one other benefit to attending Argopalooza: free swag. 

During the event, Jarrett made his way across the field determined to gain as much as he could, and he was pretty successful in his quest. 

“I got a bunch of free stuff,” Jarrett said while holding a plant and multiple t-shirts. 

If you missed the event, visit Argopulse for a list of all of the university’s active organizations. You can also follow UWF Student Involvement on Instagram and Facebook for updates on events and other ways to be active on campus.