BCM leader acquires lifelong skills


Ben Johnson, Staff Writer

Gabrielle Reboulet, a senior studying elementary and ESE education, found her college experience among the Baptist Collegiate Ministry atmosphere. 

Reboulet often found herself just attending classes and not partaking in campus events or student life, but that changed when she found BCM.

“Ever since I joined BCM, I’m all over campus,” Reboulet said. “Campus life has become a lot more interesting, even though I am a commuter now.”

Other than livening her college experience, the campus ministry and the students within it have also changed her interpersonal relationships. 

“BCM has taught me to serve others instead of myself and do it in an unselfish way,” she said. “It’s also taught me how to be a leader, as well as tips for when I graduate college that I can use to be a leader.”

The leadership qualities Reboulet has received are evident in what she provided to BCM during her three semesters serving in the organization’s student leadership team.

“Whether it be cooking meals, cleaning or going to other places like an event,” she said. “Pretty much that’s it; serving and doing whatever I can for BCM or for whatever event or students that come.”

With her career close by, she plans to use helpful characteristics she’s picked up like “learn[ing] discipline” or “facilitating the thinking” for her venture into teaching young students.

“When I go in to be a teacher, I won’t be too bossy,” she said. “I’ve learned how to [teach] in a way that’s not bossy.”

Reboulet has used BCM not only to change her campus life experience but also to learn new skills that will propel her into her future career in Pensacola. These prime skills will make her a strategic leader among elementary-age children.