UWF Senior Makes Leaps Within Community


Abby Hall, Staff Writer

UWF senior and football player Henry Montgomery has dedicated his life to the development of his brand, 4F, and positively influencing others through health and fitness, motivation, and perseverance.

Montgomery grew up and went to high school in Gainesville, Florida where he played football, baseball, and dreamed of continuing his passion in college.

Although he wasn’t highly recruited, it didn’t stop him from working hard and earning a scholarship to the Florida Institute of Technology to play both football and baseball.

After quitting baseball to focus solely on football, Montgomery was hit with the largest roadblock anyone in college could imagine.

“Everything in my life took a huge twist when I had my son,” Montgomery said. “When I found out, I had to leave school and football for a year to focus on work and taking care of all of my responsibilities.” 

That year was full of uncertainty because he had to figure out how to adjust his life to the new chapter and he didn’t know if he would ever return to college or the field again. 

“Working and barely getting by on minimum wage was good for the moment, but I knew that going back to school and football would be best for me and my son in the long run,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery’s first year in 2018 didn’t go as expected after the team finished 6-5 and he ended up playing a different position than the one he played his whole life.

Everything in his world seemed to be going downhill so he began implementing the steps and practices that would later turn into his brand.

4F is a brand and community centered around faith, family, focus, and fulfillment. 

Faith stems from his childhood roots growing up in church and returning back to this was the first way he realized he could pull himself out of his low point. 

“I like to say that I am spiritual rather than religious, but God does play a huge role in my life, Montgomery said. “Faith isn’t limited to religion in my brand because it plays a part in everyone’s life in different ways. For example, I never lost faith in myself because I knew that I would eventually return to school and football.”

Montgomery also quickly realized just how important staying in contact with family and close friends was for his wellbeing. 

He felt extremely isolated and knew that surrounding himself with people he loved to hold him accountable and keep him grounded was another way to help him grow.

Focus is one of the most important factors, but also the hardest one to commit to. 

For Montgomery, football kept him focused, disciplined, and grounded. 

During his junior year, he decided that he was going to work as hard as he could to move back into the position that he was most comfortable playing.

“Everyone does the same workouts during conditioning, but it’s all about how you show up and perform those workouts that matter,” Montgomery said. 

Fulfill involves seeing everything through or when it all finally comes together. 

This aspect never stops because there will always be something else in your life that you’re trying to fulfill whether it be high school, college, a career, having a kid, or any other major milestone. 

“The 4F’s can truly be applied to anything in life,” Montgomery said. “In 2019 our team really encompassed the 4F’s without me physically saying it during every practice and in the end, we fulfilled by winning the NCAA Division II Football National Championship.” 

Although Montgomery’s college experience is coming to an end, it is still the beginning of his life, brand, and story. 

“Not a lot of people make it out of Gainesville, which I guess you can say that for a lot of cities, but I never thought I would amount to much,” Montgomery said. “I always felt like I had a bright future because of sports and being on the AB honor roll in high school, but after I was hit with the blessing and challenge of having my son, I didn’t know where I was going next.”

This also taught him that sacrifices in the short term ended up being completely beneficial and worthwhile in the long run.

“After a playoff game I would go straight home to put my son to bed,” Montgomery said. “There was no after events or staying to hang out on the field.” 

Montgomery emphasizes that 4F is his brand, but it also serves as a reminder to himself because if he is going to be pushing it out to everyone, he also has to be living and representing it.

“I struggle with staying focused the most; it’s not easy and it’s not supposed to be,” Montgomery said. “But I want to inspire people no matter who you are or where you come from and let them know that they can fulfill whatever it is that they want to fulfill in life.”

He recognizes that the F4’s aren’t the only way because everyone has their own way of getting through life and figuring everything out, but he believes that it is the best way for him and his community.

“4F is my constant reminder and I know that I connect with a lot of people who resonate with it as well,” Montgomery said. “No one would ever know where I came from because of how I carry myself, but if I can make it out of there, anyone can.”

Montgomery is also passionate about health and fitness and has been recently dedicating his time to boxing. 

Although he only fought in one match, he realized that it was more of a hobby that can be the vehicle he promotes health and fitness in.

He currently is a fitness instructor and personal trainer at Title Boxing Club Pensacola where he leads classes and personal sessions during the week. 

Montgomery also has plans to further develop and expand 4F into the Pensacola community through a kickball tournament in April for charity a flag football match, and two pickup basketball games near the holidays for families in need.

“My next steps and overall goal will be to become a motivational and inspirational speaker,” Montgomery said. “I want to develop with events, speaking opportunities, and continue building everything up.”

His main message and foundation are that everyone has the opportunity to improve their lives, all they need to do is unlock their full potential. 

“I’m average,” Montgomery said. “I had one scholarship out of high school, and I wasn’t highly recruited but now I am a National Champion. No matter where you come from, you can make it to a better situation.”